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Football Food: Boondas Hometown Pizza in West Mifflin

The Diva Chef, Elise Wims and Johnathan Fetzko, better known as Boonda There are certain things that just go hand in hand: cereal and milk, peanut butter and jelly, chips and dip, FOOTBALL, and FOOD. Not just any kind of food; greasy, messy, I wish I would’ve grabbed extra napkins, kinds of dishes. YES! Football Sundays are just an excuse to throw a party, eat and drink and be merry. The food usually served up on football Sundays is not for the vegan at heart. Although I’ve consumed some mean vegetarian chilies in my day, football season is all about rolling your sleeves up, and cheering on your favorite team, while consuming a carnivorous spread of fall off the bone, saucy, and deliciously greasy dishes. Wings, pizza and sandwiches are pretty much the official foods of football.