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Brazile: Congressional Republicans should extend equality to all people

by Donna Brazile (CNN) — Even from the moment they were set down in the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson’s immortal words “all men are created equal” have always been awkward and challenging. They’re not awkward and challenging because they’re incorrect. On the contrary, they’re some of the truest words ever put to paper. Instead, they’re awkward and challenging because — for a nation built by slaves, where only a fraction of the population owned land and even fewer could vote, where an entire gender was held at bay for centuries — these words were the sand in our collective eye that urged us, always, to be better, fairer and more decent to one another.



Man pleads not guilty in NYC hate-crime shooting

Mark Carson was shot point-blank in Greenwich Village on May 17 by an unidentified gunman. (Facebook Photo) NEW YORK (AP) — A man accused of shooting a Black gay man in New York City’s Greenwich Village after taunting him with slurs has pleaded not guilty. Elliot Morales entered the plea Tuesday as prosecutors alleged that shortly after his arrest he admitted shooting the victim.



Study finds nearly 2 in 3 hate crimes unreported

HEADS RESEARCH ORGANIZTION–Police Foundation President Jim Bueermann, poses for a photograph in his office in Washington, March 21, 2013. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) by Pete Yost WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite growing awareness of hate crimes, the share of those crimes reported to police has fallen in recent years as more victims of violent attacks express doubt that police can or will help.