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Does drinking reduce my stress?

Fizzy red wines are popular refreshments during the summer heat. RED WINE, LAMBRUSCO, SPARKLING SHIRAZ (CNN Photo/Jeremy Harlan) by Bob Barnett (upwave.com) — There’s a little beverage I’d like to tell you about. It’s kind of magical. You may be able to drink just a little of it and feel closer to your friends, start paying attention to the moment, feel your mood lift, maybe even put your worries in context so you become more carefree.



$100 margarita! America’s most expensive cocktails

The St. John cocktail from Osteria 177 in Annapolis, Maryland, mixes Louis XIII cognac, Grand Marnier Cuvee du Centenaire, Meyer lemon juice, syrup made from Meyer lemon and Grade 1 saffron. Don’t forge the garnish — 23k edible gold flakes. (Photo Credit: Osteria 177) by Kristin Hunt (CNN) — Think the $18 martini you ordered at the hotel bar was steep? That was peanuts. As in, the little dish of complimentary germ-infested peanuts on the bar. From California to New York and everywhere in between, ritzy bars are playing a crazy game of “Who Can Make the Costliest Cocktail?” — and the competition is as stiff as the product. We scoured the country for examples of the most over-the-top pours we could find, excluding those accompanied by crown jewels or crystal goblets. Even still, you may need to skip a mortgage payment or two to enjoy a night of these extravagant cocktails.