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Tyra Banks launches cosmetics line aimed at chocolate girls

New motherhood has kept Tyra Banks pretty busy these days, however she still finds time to indulge her love of beauty. She recently announced the launch of her cosmetics line that is specifically for all of the chocolate-toned ladies out there.   Speaking exclusively to Essence magazine, the former supermodel, media mogul and beauty maven […]



Manns’ beauty wand wins QVC contest

NICOLE MANNS WITH INVENTION Every woman has bought a lip-gloss, gotten to the end and been frustrated with not being able to get that last bit because the applicator was too short, and then had to throw it away. With the average cost of a “good” lip-gloss being more than $12, it feels like you’re throwing your money into the trash along with the tube. Well Nicole Manns, a resident of Penn Hills and a cosmetic consumer who was also frustrated with wasting money and make-up, decided to create Nikki’s Magic Wand, a portable, sleek, yet flexible tip that allows you to reach where most applicators cannot; thus eliminating the waste.



Asiana flight attendants make news with bravery

This July 7, 2013 file photo shows Asiana Airlines Flight 214 flight attendant and cabin manager, Lee Yoon Hye, speaking to the media during a news conference in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Jack Chang, file)SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Before Asiana Flight 214 crash-landed in San Francisco, the last time the Korean airlines’ flight attendants made news it was over an effort by their union earlier this year to get the dress code updated so female attendants could wear trousers.