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A misguided Big Mac attack

RAYNARD JACKSON (NNPA)—Two weeks ago, I was sent a video of a Hispanic woman interrupting a speech by Jeff Stratton, president of McDonald’s USA. He was giving a speech at the Union League Club of Chicago. Nancy Salgado, the Hispanic woman in question, became Exhibit A for what’s gone wrong in today’s workforce: rudeness and what the Bible calls slothfulness.



The Finish Line…Where nothing matters but the facts!

Legendary Pirates sluuger Dave Parker is interviewed at the 1979 All-Star Game. During a 19-year career with five teams, Parker was nicknamed ‘Cobra’ because of his lethal bat and cannon-like arm. (AP Photo/File) The great Dave Parker of the “We are Fam-i-lee” Pirate folklore has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Trust me, “The Cobra” will strike back.




Bill Neal :10 There’s a price to pay for cheating on your wife…not that I would know…I’ve never cheated! But clearly there must be and I guess it’s a number game. So the game must be this. For every woman you cheated with, that’s how many majors you have to lose before you can win again. Hey Tiger, I guess you got about “25” more losses coming. Hey, don’t blame me. I don’t make the rules. I just pass them along.