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Marvin Gaye III pleads for kidney donation

In this April 4, 1984 file photo, Marvin Gaye III escorts his mother Anna Gordy Gaye to the public visitation of the late Marvin Gaye Jr.’s body, at Forrest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Nick Ut, File) LOS ANGELES (AP) — Marvin Gaye III is suffering from kidney failure and is seeking a donated organ for transplant.



I got your back: Kudos to Amanda Green Hawkins and Connie Parker

ULISH CARTER Kudos go out to Allegheny County Councilwoman Amanda Green Hawkins for making a stand and NAACP Pittsburgh Unit President Connie Parker for having her back. Amanda stuck by her guns and didn’t back down from the big powerful Rivers Casino. The result was that there really was a problem of the Rivers’ security over reacting when there was a large group of Blacks, especially Black males. And she made sure they faced and dealt with this problem and didn’t just wash it over as Black folks being paranoid, by calling an incident racist when it wasn’t. Lets’ face it folks, most White people get nervous when there’s a large group of Blacks, especially if they aren’t in suits and ties, and they are males. But let’s be for real; so do Black folks. Shooting, fighting, killing and being rowdy by a few Blacks has closed a lot of places. But that’s no reason all Blacks shouldn’t be able to have parties or social events in public non-Black venues. Of course there’s always one or two who are going to make it tough for us all. But like the president of the bikers club said, just let the head people know and they can take care of the problem. Don’t punish all for the actions of a few.


Generation Y

Adonai Center makes a change for Black males

MALE ROLE MODELS—From left: Carlito Seymour, Judge Joe Williams and Kevin Carter. When Carlito Seymour was a freshman in high school he had a 2.2 GPA and no plans for his future. Now, a senior at Sto-Rox High School, Seymour has a 3.3 GPA and is looking at colleges, an accomplishment he attributes to the Adonai Center for Black Males, a human capital development program serving youth throughout the region.



Similarities of the power to kill

LOUIS ‘HOP’ KENDRICK For a number of years there has been a description of Pittsburgh that was not flattering; Pittsburgh was called the “Largest City up South.”The time is long overdue for Black voters in particular throughout Allegheny County to open their minds and withhold their votes. The benefits of government have overwhelmingly been denied Black citizens, and we have been the most loyal bloc of voters since 1936. Blacks have been insulted, disrespected and the party leadership has clearly demonstrated they could care less about us. Whatever advances we have achieved have generally been because we marched, picketed, boycotted, or were civil disobedient and the federal courts helped.



Figments of the racist imagination

LEE DANIELS Hold the presses! Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, those bad “Black militant” leaders who all these years have exercised a Svengali-like influence over the masses have lost their clout. So says Black conservative pundit John McWhorter in the July 17 The New Republic magazine. Writing at his oiliest, McWhorter begins his article by breezily asserting, “Quiet as it’s kept, the era of the ‘militant’ black leader is over” and plugs in the standard-issue conservative denunciations of Sharpton’s and Jackson’s actions of two decades ago.



Focus on poverty, not the middle-class

GEORGE E. CURRY (NNPA)—Several of us were sharing our views on radio Sunday night with Gary Byrd when my friend and colleague Cash Michaels urged us to remember that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated while organizing poor people. This is a good time to remember that as President Obama seeks ways to strengthen the middle class and civil rights leaders focus on celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Aug. 28, 1963 March on Washington.



Fla. Gov. demands apology from Jesse Jackson over ‘Selma’ comments

The Reverend Jesse Jackson talks to the news media following a news conference held by the National Bar Association where they addressed what they say are inequalities in the U.S. justice system related to gun violence and African-Americans, July 29, 2013, in Miami Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky) TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday demanded an apology from longtime civil rights activist Jesse Jackson for comparing the state’s struggle with the Trayvon Martin case to the civil rights clashes with police during the 1960s in Selma, Ala.



Fla. man shot In front of home by trigger happy police officers

Roy Middleton (pictured), a 60-year-old African-American man in Western Florida, is recovering from wounds, after police shot him in front of his home last Saturday. Middleton was reportedly looking for a cigarette inside his mother’s parked car — which sat in his driveway — when county officers opened fired on him even though he reportedly did not provoke them. The shooting occurred in the town of Warrington, a small predominantly White town just six miles from Pensacola and the Alabama state line, The shooting reportedly happened early Saturday morning, after Escambia County sheriff deputies were responding to a 911 call of a neighbor who saw Middleton looking around in the car. When the police arrived to respond to the burglary call, they approached Middleton and demanded he remove himself from the vehicle with his hands raised, according to his account. Middleton told the Pensacola News Journal[2] th …