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Political Strategist Carri Twigg: ‘Politics Are Becoming Pop Culture’

Combatting the stereotype of apathetic youth, Rock the Vote – the nonpartisan nonprofit created to see young people through America’s political process – has found a new way to galvanize and inspire millennials to vote in the upcoming election in November… Art. Using innovation and creativity, the organization partnered with #Cut50 and other national and community […]


‘Racial injustice remains a cancer on the American body politic:’ Urban League embraces new era of civil rights

For decades, old-guard civil rights groups like the National Urban League, the NAACP, and even Al Sharpton‘s National Action Network, have been the go-to groups for elected officials to get a read on the needs and demands of Black voters. But Black Lives Matter, with its tight social media game, has shifted the paradigm, forcing civil rights […]


Happy 55th Birthday, President Obama

We’ve seen Barack Obama transform from a boyish-looking lawmaker with jet black hair and a fresh face to a staid elder statesman, who is a littler grayer and world-weary. “My girls remind me all the time: ‘Wow, you’ve changed so much, daddy,’” he said at the Democratic National Convention last month in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “And then they try […]

NEWS ROUNDUP: Study Shows Racial Disparities In Need for Organ Donations, Beenie Man Contracts Zika Virus….AND MORE

A new report illustrates major racial disparities when it comes to organ donations in the United States. According to the study conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 58 percent of individuals in the U.S. on the organ donation list are Black, Latino, and Asian. African-Americans account for 30 percent of that […]