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Forget TV! iPhones and iPads dazzle babies

by Kelly Wallace (CNN) — When I had my first daughter more than seven years ago, I was adamant: no TV until she was 2 years old and limited exposure after that. As a reporter, I had done enough stories on children and screen time, and knew full well that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no screen time for babies under 2.



A Special Delivery Birth: 4:13 A.M. in Baltimore, an arrival that wouldn’t wait

Proud parents Gerard and Wendy Talley delivered their son together in an SUV Saturday night. Talley says her water broke in the car as they tried to drop off their 2-year-old with family before heading to the University of Maryland hospital downtown. (AFRO Photo/Alexis Taylor) by Blair Adams (NNPA)–Three days past her due date, a Baltimore mother-to-be gave birth in the front seat of her SUV to her second child, while she and her husband attempted to make it to the hospital in the early hours of July 27.