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Does drinking reduce my stress?

Fizzy red wines are popular refreshments during the summer heat. RED WINE, LAMBRUSCO, SPARKLING SHIRAZ (CNN Photo/Jeremy Harlan) by Bob Barnett (upwave.com) — There’s a little beverage I’d like to tell you about. It’s kind of magical. You may be able to drink just a little of it and feel closer to your friends, start paying attention to the moment, feel your mood lift, maybe even put your worries in context so you become more carefree.



Why are more women drinking?

by Peggy Drexler (CNN) — All day long, Lucia looked forward to her favorite weekday ritual: putting the kids to bed, changing her clothes, and pouring herself a generous glass of Pinot Noir. “My friends and I joke that motherhood ‘drives us to drink,’ but sometimes it really does for me,” she said.