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This Week In Black History 10-9-13

WILT CHAMBERLAIN Week of Oct. 9-15 October 9 1806—Benjamin Banneker dies in Ellicott Mills, Md., at age 74. Banneker was a brilliant mathematician with a great memory and is credited with completing the layout and design of Washington, D.C.

Alexandre Dumas fils headshot 1864-Photo-BW-Resized


This Week In Black History 7-24-13

ALEXANDRE DUMAS For the week of July 24-30 July 24 1651—Anthony (or Antonio) Johnson, a free Black man who had purchased freedom for himself and his wife, is awarded 250 acres of land in North Hampton, Va. Johnson was among the first group of 20 Black indentured servants brought to America in 1619. Indentured servitude was a form of slavery which allowed the person to either work for or purchase his freedom. After becoming free, Johnson became the first wealthy Black person in America. He even purchased five indentured servants of his own. He probably picked up the name “Johnson” from his original owner but in official records from the period he is simply referred to as “Antonio the Negro.”



Hill bids farewell to Pitt at retirement luncheon

ROBERT HILL WAVES GOODBYE (Photo by Tené Croom) “I am fortunate to have led the effort to tell the remarkable Pitt story to its multiple audiences through multiple media. Now I look forward to volunteering in support of worthy community causes.” Those were serious words in a statement from Robert Hill, who has retired as the Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh after 14 years in the position.