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I have found a man who loves me!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: Six months ago, I was in the process of building my house. One morning a construction worker delivered the kitchen cabinets. He accidentally ran his truck into the corner of my side porch. He agreed to fix it himself—begging me not to report the incident to his foreman. Gwendolyn, I am 65 and the man that is in love with me is 32. All my adult life I have been misused at work, by my family and people from all venues of life. Before meeting this man, I had come to the conclusion all people were cruel and unkind. But this man is perfect.–Leslie



Your Advice Guru: Why do men have to pay?

Dear Tamara: In this day of equality and equal rights, why is it that women still expect men to automatically pay for every date? I have been dating the same woman for about four months now and every time we go out, she expects me to pay for everything.