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robert lewis dear (mugshot)

Here’s why alleged Planned Parenthood killer isn’t called domestic terrorist

*The two words that were glaringly missing in the reams of news clips, press reports, and news features on alleged Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Clinic killer, Robert Lewis Dear were “domestic” and “terrorist.” His target, the clinic, and his victims were deliberately and calculatedly chosen. Attorney General Loretta Lynch promptly labeled the shooting a “crime … Continue reading Here’s why the Alleged Planned Parenthood Killer Isn’t called a Domestic Terrorist →


How the #BLM movement stays alive & effective outside spotlight

*The longevity of the Black Lives Matter movement may have initially been doubtful, but months after its formation, the effort continues to make a difference in and out of the spotlight. The Christian Science Monitor notes that while the media has mostly focused on the two suspects arrested in connection with the recent shooting of … Continue reading How the #BLM Movement Stays Alive & Effective Outside Spotlight →