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Brazile: Congressional Republicans should extend equality to all people

by Donna Brazile (CNN) — Even from the moment they were set down in the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson’s immortal words “all men are created equal” have always been awkward and challenging. They’re not awkward and challenging because they’re incorrect. On the contrary, they’re some of the truest words ever put to paper. Instead, they’re awkward and challenging because — for a nation built by slaves, where only a fraction of the population owned land and even fewer could vote, where an entire gender was held at bay for centuries — these words were the sand in our collective eye that urged us, always, to be better, fairer and more decent to one another.


Inside Conditions…Pick Your Poison

Okay, so the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Buffalo Bills was not the battle of the “unbeatens” but was possibly a contest between the “uneatens.” There is a lot to be said about the level of the competition last Sunday or the lack of that the squad hailing from the “snow capital” of the east, (Buffalo, NY) provided for a more disciplined Pittsburgh group (especially the Steelers defense).



Thanks for your service, vets! Now try finding a job

Gerald Mayeda Jr. served in the active duty Army from 2001-2007. He was stationed at Fort Drum, NY in the 10th Mountain Division. His Unit deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2004-05. He grew up in Juneau, AK so he went from one of the coldest places in the US to one of the hottest countries in the Middle East. He would do it all over again if he could. (Photo Credit: Gerald Mayeda Jr.) by Thom Patterson (CNN) — Suddenly, Patrick Caruso’s days as a Marine were done. Like many young men and women who’ve served their country, Caruso’s first weeks back in the civilian world felt “kind of like a shell shock.” The familiar structure of military life was gone, and it was time to adapt to a very different mission: finding a job.



Don Lemon responds to ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ commentary reaction

CNN anchor Don Lemon. (Courtesy Photo) (NNPA)–CNN anchor Don Lemon was demonized on social media for a Nov. 5 commentary that seemed supportive of New York’s racially discriminatory “stop-and-frisk” policy. But on Nov. 6 he told Richard Prince’s Journal-isms that his remarks were “grossly misinterpreted” and declared, “I am not supporting stop-and-frisk.”



Autism Speaks at Chefs Create Pittsburgh 2013

Elise The Diva Chef and Lynn Swann I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the inaugural Chefs create event for the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter of Autism Speaks, held at the Fairmont hotel downtown. Fourteen chefs featured small bites inspired by an individual on the Autism Spectrum. The event kicked off with cocktail hour accompanied with complimentary hors de oeuvres. There was also opportunity to participate in a silent auction and to win raffle prizes, one of which was an autographed jersey and photo with Steelers hall of famer, and honorary chairperson Lynn Swann.



‘Whitewashing’ by Black NFL players must stop

Dear Editor: In the Black community the Black professional athlete is often seen as a hero and role model. They are viewed as individuals who have overcome the barriers of poverty and racism.Some of these athletes make millions of dollars while other athletes make a comfortable living. Being a professional athlete affords many liberties that the average person does not have. The most important of these liberties is the ability to speak out and be heard. Some of our greatest athletes of the past used these liberties to help the civil rights movement. It appears that some Black NFL players of today use these same liberties to “whitewash” racist rants made by White teammates. For example, when Philadelphia Eagle wide-receiver Riley Cooper viciously used the -n- word at a Kenny Chesney concert, many Black players rushed to his defense.



Black Brazilian soccer player beheaded

Joao Rodrigo Silva Santos. Photo/YouTube (Courtesy Photo) by Zachary Lester (NNPA)–Joao Rodrigo Silva Santos, a former Brazilian professional soccer player, was discovered dead by his wife when she found his severed head in a backpack outside the door of their home on Oct. 29, according to news reports.



Game Day Preview: Buffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers

A group of veterans pose for a picture as part of the NFL’s tribute to service at Heinz Field before the start of an NFL football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Buffalo Bills, Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013, in Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Don Wright) At 2-6 the Steelers find themselves just trying to find a way to win a game or two. They are playing a pretty poor Buffalo team that may provide the Steelers the game they’ve been looking for. At this point however, no team is an easy win for the black and gold. The thought of playoffs and even a .500 record need to go away. It’s all about getting this win and finding out who truly can play in the system and who shouldn’t be here in 2014. That sentiment goes for the coaches too.