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Memorial service set for beloved Pittsburgher Thelma Lovette
A memorial service will be held Friday, Aug. 1, at 4:30 p.m. at the Thelma Lovette YMCA 2114 Centre Ave., Pittsburgh. In lieu of flowers,…
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Lane makes key promotions; Blacks take on more leadership roles in city schools
Last month, at the behest of Superintendent of Schools Linda Lane, the Pittsburgh School Board promoted several African-Americans to leadership positions in hopes of addressing…
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Community Calendar 7-23-14
    Basketball Camp JULY 23—Kevin Murphy will host the Drew Bracey Henderson Memorial Basketball Camp at the McKeesport Salvation Army, 821 Walnut St., McKeesport.…
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Dispute over AWC covenants going to trial
A trial. Almost exactly a year after Dollar Bank first moved to foreclose on the bankrupt August Wilson Center for African American Culture, there will…
Pa. lawmakers to examine problem of missing fingerprints
Corbett concerned by immigrant kids coming to Pa.

Pittsburgh TV


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Biden decries voting restrictions in NAACP address
LAS VEGAS (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden urged the NAACP on Wednesday to spread the word about what he called “a hailstorm” of measures…
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Phi Beta Sigma Museum opens in NW D.C.
First Black fraternity to open its own museum The ribbon cutting ceremony was one of several events planned for members and their guests to take…
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Police custody death tests ‘Broken Windows’ tactic
NEW YORK (AP) — Eric Garner, who died in police custody last week after he was put in an apparent chokehold, was suspected of committing…
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This Week In Black History
For the Week of July 23-29 July 23 1900—The first Pan African conference took place in London, England. Blacks from throughout the world gathered to…
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Music icon Quincy Jones to receive 99th NAACP Spingarn Medal
Media impresario and humanitarian Quincy Jones has been selected as the 99th recipient of the Spingarn Medal.  Jones will receive the distinguished medal on July…
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Black colleges face hard choices on $25M Koch gift
America’s Black colleges are struggling for funds. The Republican Party is struggling to attract Black voters. Enter a $25 million gift to the United Negro…
Judge spins rhymes in puppy-napping case
Working-class Whites lose voting dominance in Ohio
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‘Best Man Wedding’ Gets Release Date + 3 Things We Need To See In The Movie
Plans for the next Best Man movie are quickly moving forward, and we’ve got a few ideas for what should be in it! The Best…
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VH1 Serves Up ‘Atlanta Exes’ Super Trailer & Cee Lo’s Ex-Wife Needs Permisson To Date?
The new super trailer for “Atlanta Exes” will have your jaw on the ground! Gossips all over the nation have been waiting on the “Hollywod Exes”…
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Working late in life, directors refuse to say cut
Visiting a retired Frank Capra at his Sierra Nevada hideaway, Clint Eastwood was baffled. “I always thought: ‘He could be making a film right now.…
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PRESS PLAY: Pharrell’s New Video ‘Come Get It Bae’ Was Great Until Miley Showed Up
Pharrell continues to bring us “Happy” music with the release of his single “Come Get It Bae.” And did we mention it’s a visual homage…
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Arts and Culture Calendar 7-23-14
    Thursday 24 NO Limits Kelly Strayhorn Theater and Chamber Music Pittsburgh presents No Limits with C Street Brass and DJ Jakeisrain at 7:30…
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Music icon Quincy Jones to receive 99th NAACP Spingarn Medal
Media impresario and humanitarian Quincy Jones has been selected as the 99th recipient of the Spingarn Medal.  Jones will receive the distinguished medal on July…
What’s Really Going On With the Carters?
Spike Lee Joins With Film Student To Make “Evolution Of A Criminal”


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Michael Sam on Tony Dungy: ‘Thank God he wasn’t Rams’ coach’
Former NFL coach Tony Dungy made headlines Monday when he told a Tampa newspaper he would not have drafted Michael Sam because of possible distractions…
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:10—I never, never, never ever start off with hockey…but are you kidding me? The Pens management wants you to believe that the “So Called” greatest…
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Makeover complete, Steelers ready for resurgence
PITTSBURGH (AP) – The faces Ike Taylor grew so accustomed to seeing line up alongside him over the past decade have disappeared. Ryan Clark? Gone.…
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Inside Conditions…Second wind
There is only one positive thing that I can take from the MLB American League defeating the National League in the 2014 All-Star game.  The…
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Pirates looking for post All-Star surge behind Andrew McCutchen
(AP)—The Pittsburgh Pirates find themselves in an average, every day—if still heated—pennant race. A season after shedding the yoke of two decades of failure with…
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Parsons: Sterling staying on a ‘disaster’ for Clippers
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Coach Doc Rivers has said he’ll resign from the Los Angeles Clippers if Donald Sterling remains owner, the team’s interim CEO…
Titans ready, eager to win with coach Whisenhunt
CEO: Rivers to quit Clippers if Sterling stays


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A victory for affirmative action
(NNPA)—Almost lost among the news last week about the war in the Middle East and a war of another kind in Washington between Republicans and…
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Charity begins at home
Americans have lost their minds. Forgive me for not expending any of my emotional energy or shedding any tears for those illegals coming into America.…
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My Brother’s Keeper’s ‘Oppression Olympics’
Generally, as one of the youngest persons in the room in a culture that respects the gravitas of age, I am honored when provided the…
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Blackonomics…UNCF stands its ground in Koch flap
The controversy over the recent donation by the Koch Foundation to the UNCF begs a discussion of politics, education, and business.  After receiving a $25…
On public pension problem, Gov. Corbett is pointing in wrong direction for solution
Cyber child abuse


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Where are the Black internet workers? Civil Rights bigs weigh in
Jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are projected to grow by 17 percent by 2018, compared to 9.8 percent for jobs in other fields,…
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Small businesses owners: Raising minimum wage makes good business sense
WASHINGTON (NNPA) – More than 60 percent of small business owners with employees favor increasing the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 in three…
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Radio One Founder Highlighted In Newseum Exhibit
The Newseum exhibition, “One Nation With News for All,” tells the story of how immigrants and minorities used the power of the press to fight…
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McDonald’s profit slips; US sales decline
OAK BROOK, Ill. (AP) — McDonald’s Corp. said its profit slipped in the second quarter as sales in the U.S. continued to flag. The world’s…
Thirst for US craft beer grows overseas
Ford Motor Company’s Felecia Pryor appointed HR director in China


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A kiss, a prayer: The last hours of MH17′s victims
In a bedroom in a townhouse near Amsterdam, Miguel Panduwinata reached out for his mother. “Mama, may I hug you?” Samira Calehr wrapped her arms…
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Unfair distribution of resources fueled abduction of girls in Nigeria
LOS ANGELES – Three months after 276 young girls were stolen from the “safety” of the private Chibok School in Northern Nigeria by armed insurgents…
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Israel violence moves production of FX’s ‘Tyrant’
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Production of FX’s series “Tyrant” recently relocated from Tel Aviv to Istanbul, showrunner Howard Gordon told a TV Critics’ panel…
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South Africa: film profiles last apartheid leader
JOHANNESBURG (AP) — He was South Africa’s last White president, overshadowed by Nelson Mandela when they plotted the historic transition to a multi-racial democracy for…
South Africans remember Mandela on his birthday
Both sides in Ukraine deny shooting down plane


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Christian Louboutin brings Red Bottoms to your fingertips
Following the footsteps of Tom Ford and Chanel, Christian Louboutin launched a new luxury nail polish collection today. This is his first stab at creating…
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Lifestyles Report: You know it’s summer when……
You can be sure it’s summer when you hear the distinguishable sound of flip flops everywhere you go. Believe it or not some people wear…
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The Wise Decision…Busted! 5 fitness myths
I’m here to warn you of the 5 myths that most people fall for. Don’t waste your time on these: Myth #1: Take diet pills…
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Ask a Designer: finding beauty in subtlety
Paint your walls a bold color and friends will likely praise your creativity. Invest in a standout piece of furniture or striking work of art…
Swimwear on Miami Beach runway goes sporty chic
Finding Mr. Right: Woman Holds Audition For New Boyfriend


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Only 1 in 5 sexually experienced U.S. students ever tested for HIV
Only 22 percent of sexually experienced U.S. high school students have ever been tested for HIV, even though young people account for a disproportionate share…
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Contempt charge for saggy pants in court dismissed
ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — An eastern Pennsylvania judge has dismissed a contempt-of-court citation against a man who was fined $50 for wearing saggy pants in…
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Disturbing viral rape of teenager, Jada, spreads like wildfire
According to researchers, the most common form of Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA) is alcohol-related, with the victim in most cases consuming the alcohol voluntarily.…
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Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund 24th Annual Scholarship Awards
This is the time of year young people are heading off to college in pursuit of higher education. On June 14 at the beautiful LeMont…
For some, sagging pants carry greater meaning
Pittsburgh youth goes from Make-A-Wish child to national ambassador!


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Healthbeat…Before doctors check your vitals, check out theirs
WASHINGTON (AP) — Americans consider insurance and a good bedside manner in choosing a doctor, but will that doctor provide high-quality care? A new poll…
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Study: US Alzheimer’s rate seems to be dropping
The rate of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias is falling in the United States and some other rich countries — good news about an epidemic…
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First lady bucks GOP on school lunch rules
WASHINGTON (AP) — First ladies typically avoid getting into public scraps, but Michelle Obama has jumped into perhaps her biggest battle yet. She’s fighting a…
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African Americans’ predisposition to diabetes
The month that just ended was National Safety Month. The theme was safety: But how can we make our communities safer when we don’t understand…
Climate change can change one’s well-being
Fix Your ‘Fattitude’: How To Stop Trash Talking Your Body & Lose More Weight

Cover To Cover

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Cover to Cover…‘Prodigal Son’
Mom always liked you better. Your siblings probably knew it. How could they not? You were her favorite who got the bigger dessert, more hugs,…
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“An Unbreakable Bond”: The Brotherhood of Maurice Stokes and Jack Twyman”
Maurice Stokes, born June 17, 1933, is known as one of the greatest basketball players who ever lived. He won back-to-back City League championships at…
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Cover to Cover…’Man from Essence’
It’s never been done before. It’s never been done, it’s never been tried. Maybe it’s never been thought of, either, but that hasn’t stopped you.…
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Rev. Moore turns medical mystery into novel
When Rev. Dr. Judith Moore took over as pastor of the North Side’s Greater Allen AME Church last September, she was on a mission to…
Walter Dean Myers, children’s author, dies at 76
Cover to Cover…‘All Different Now’


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Stars are safer because of actress’ murder
LOS ANGELES (AP) — They’ve shown up in Selena Gomez’s guest house, outside Halle Berry’s kitchen door and inside Sandra Bullock’s home, despite gates, tall…


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Brenda Tate aka ‘The Fly Cop’ retires
Retirement is something most of us look forward to. Often we think about the day when we turn 65 and can move on to our…


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Democrats ‘ain’t loyal’


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Shemar Moore to return to ‘Young and Restless’
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Shemar Moore is returning to his daytime roots with a two-day guest appearance on “The Young and the Restless.” During his…
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Johnson calls Christie ‘a buddy’ despite video
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dwayne Johnson says he considers New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie “a buddy” despite making Christie take down an online video that…
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Ex-Destiny’s Child member arrested in SC
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A former member of the R&B group Destiny’s Child was arrested in Myrtle Beach over the weekend after a night drinking…
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QUICKQUOTE: Octavia Spencer on new Fox TV series
“I got really tired of being a sex symbol.” — Oscar winner Octavia Spencer joking about why she signed on to the new Fox television…
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T.I. And Tiny dddress Floyd Mayweather’s disrespectful comments
As we previously reported, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. caused a full on firestorm at a recent press event when he made a comment that sound like he…
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Katt Williams sued for assaulting tour manager
Actor/comedian Katt Williams is back on his path of destruction. After being accused of hitting someone with his Rolls Royce, the “Friday After Next” star…
Blues legend Johnny Winter dies at 70 in Zurich
Scientists name Puerto Rico water mite after JLo


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Survey finds math, science grads earn top dollar
WASHINGTON (AP) – What you study – math and science are a plus – seems to matter more than whether your alma mater is public…




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