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City Council continues move on affordable housing agenda
City Council heard additional testimony from housing advocates, renters, owners and regulation experts during a post-agenda meeting aimed at refining the language and structure of…
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Vigil held for 6-year-old Isis Allen
It rained, but that wasn’t going to stop friends and relatives from remembering Isis Allen, who died July 20 after being shot in the head…
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Community Calendar 7-27-16
Forum on Heroin and Opioid Addiction JULY 27—State Rep. Dom Costa, D-Sharpsburg, will host a public forum on heroin and opioid addiction in the Sharpsburg…
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Check out what this Allegheny County judge is ordering drug dealers to do
An Allegheny County judge has begun fining drug dealers to buy the opioid overdose antidote, naloxone, for agencies working in the communities where they’ve sold…
Could tracking firearms more closely in Pittsburgh reduce violent crime?
Sprout Fund joins city, county to advance ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Initiative

Pittsburgh TV


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Mom: Gunman would ‘pretty much lose it’ on police shootings
The mother of the man who shot and killed three law-enforcement officers in Baton Rouge said her son would “pretty much lose it” when he…
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Clinton’s big night: Now is time to make her case
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Hours of testimonials have led to this. Now, it’s time for Hillary Clinton to make her own case. The former first lady,…
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White people lost their minds on Twitter when they learned slaves built White House
Bill O’Reilly Says Slaves That Built The White House Were “Well Fed & Had Decent Lodgings.” — Nigel Int’l D. (@Nigel_D) July 27, 2016…
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‘He doesn’t have a clue:’ Vice President Joe Biden takes on Trump in DNC speech
"He is trying to tell us he cares about the middle class. Give me a break. That is a bunch of malarkey."
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Viral Video Of Mom Beating Daughter Over Facebook Sexploits Highlights Double-Standard
Women from a young age are reared to protect their virginity for their husbands, or a "special someone," while male children are taught that the world is their oyster – insinuating it's fine to pursue as many sexual opportunities as possible.
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Fulton County Seeks Emergency Solutions Grant Proposals
The Fulton County Department of Housing and Community Development is soliciting project proposals for Fiscal Year 2015 Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funds.  Funding is available…
Millionaire lottery winner builds crystal meth empire
All charges against Baltimore police officers dropped in Freddie Gray case (video)
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Jesse Williams and more speak out on acquittals in Freddie Gray case
When the disappointing and outrageous news broke today that all of the officers tried in the Freddie Gray murder case had been acquitted, most people were shocked, saddened and disheartened by another injustice of a black man being murdered with no one held accountable. However it wasn’t just regular citizens who were highly upset, as […]
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Angela Bassett, Sigourney Weaver light up DNC’s third day
Actresses Angela Bassett and Sigourney Weaver, “Empire” producer Lee Daniels and rocker Lenny Kravitz are providing the celebrity power Wednesday on Day 3 of the…
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Hollywood Divas returns with new look 
SILVER SPRING, Md.—As the summer heats up, TV One’s hit series Hollywood Divas shows no signs of cooling off with its third season premiere recently. This season…
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‘Bring The Fun Back’ Community Day
Elevated Worldwide Radio recently presented their first “Bring The Fun Back” Community Day that took place July 2, at West Penn Community Park. The radio…
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Arts & Culture Calendar 7-27-16
July 29 Rosy Simas Danse Skin(s) 8 p.m.—KST Alloy Studios Choreographer Rosy Simas (Seneca) examines the contradictions that arise out of the many dimensions of…
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More than 100 celebrities pledge to work against Trump
Julianne Moore, Bryan Cranston, Kerry Washington, Mark Ruffalo, Neil Patrick Harris, Lena Dunham, Shonda Rhimes, and Macklemore are among more than 100 celebrities joining a…
The Carters Parisian Vacation Is The Epitome Of #FamilyGoals
WATCH: 14-Year-Old Philadelphia Native Stuns DNC With Powerful Rendition Of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’


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‘T-Rex: Her Fight for Gold’ premieres Aug. 2 on PBS
(SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.)— “T-Rex: Her Fight for Gold” is the coming-of-age story of boxing phenom Claressa “T-Rex” Shields from Flint, Michigan. Shields was just 17…
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Baseball fans: Come to ‘Mayor’s Cup’ championship
Boys and girls participating in Citiparks BIG League Sports baseball and softball leagues will take to the field at PNC Park on Thursday, July 28,…
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Overtime 7-27-16
:10 Your Pittsburgh Steelers go to training camp this week. That puts in motion the drive for five… Plus two. Going to the Super Bowl…
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Olympic boxers to fight without headgear, worry about cuts
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Although Antonio Vargas still thinks about the cut that nearly ended his Olympic dream, his unprotected head will be clear…
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‘We have to stand united:’ Melo seeks more than Olympic gold
LAS VEGAS (AP) _ Carmelo Anthony wants more than a better U.S. basketball team leading into the Olympics. He wants a better U.S. Anthony wants…
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Michael Jordan says he ‘can no longer stay silent’ about police shootings
The internet spent the day digesting Jordan's response, divided between ecstatic to cautious because of his long storied history with distancing himself from social justice issues. Jordan's persona at times appeared to be "business first," and his silence in regards to previous police shootings stirred up strong frustrations.
WNBA president on rescinded fines: We needed to move forward
Athletes using sports platforms to push for social change


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Do Black Lives Really Matter to the DNC?
Earlier this week, seven women known as, “Mothers of the Movement,” took front and center at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. They are the…
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Lifestyles Report…The ­sincerest form of flattery
I love a good laugh…. And I was falling out of my seat last week after the Republican National Convention better known as the RNC.…
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‘Black on Black crime’, the new normal
As of May 6, 2016, the New York Times reported President Barack Obama passed a little-noticed milestone: He has been at war longer than any…
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Cleveland’s RNC was the whitest convention i’ve ever attended
As I boarded my return flight to D.C. from last week’s Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio, I began to reflect on what I saw and…
Response to Orlando shooting shouldn’t stop at prayer
Roland Martin & Cory Booker Discuss Whether Dems Can Lure White Working-Class Voters


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Young entrepreneur owns and operates independent telecommunications company
Tallahassee, Fla. (—26-year old Freddie Figgers became one of the youngest African-Americans to own and operate an independent, U.S.-based telecommunications company when he launched Figgers…
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New overtime rule changes: are you ready for the impact?
Companies have until Dec. 1, 2016, to implement changes in an effort to minimize the effects of a new Department of Labor (DOL) rule that…
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Business Calendar 7-27-16
Business Energy Efficiency Grants Now through APRIL 15—The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has to $1,000,000 of grant funding available in the 13th year of…
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Beyond the Rhetric…Progress at our 24th annual conference
Our 24th Annual Conference, held in New Orleans, proved to be our best conference yet. We had over 40 speakers and held it at venues:…
Study: Disclosing medical errors to patients is a tough thing for doctors
Cars, apartments … and solar panels? You can lease them all now in Pittsburgh.


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Multiple People Killed In Mass Shooting Shopping Mall In Germany
Munich police have reportedly asked civilians to not use social media in light of their ongoing search of assailants.
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Gates: Foundation to invest $5B in Africa over next 5 years
JOHANNESBURG (AP) _ Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates said Sunday his foundation will invest another $5 billion in Africa over the next five years.…
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Two Arrested In Connection With Nice Attack That Killed 84, ISIS Link Not Established
Agnes Thibault Lecuivre, a spokeswoman for the anti-terrorism prosecutor, did not provide details on the couple’s connection to the terror attack or their names.
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Deadliest Bombing To Hit Baghdad In A Decade Kills Nearly 200
Multiple news outlets report the death toll between 165 and 200. Another 225 people were injured in Sunday's blast, which occurred in the Karrada district after midnight when families were shopping for Eid-al-Fitr, the day that marks the end of the Muslim holy month, Ramadan.
Asian actors too busy to fret over Hollywood ‘white-washing’
Hate Crimes Rise In UK After Brexit Vote


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‘Divas Love Pink’ fashion show held at Petra
Cousins McKenzie Morrison and Amira Arrington have taken their passion of sewing, designing and modeling to the next level, they had their first fashion show…
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Church Circuit 7-27-16
Appreciation Service JULY 30—Macedonia Baptist Church in Duquesne will host an appreciation service in honor of Jean Bryant at 5 p.m. This event is being…
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The 2016 DNC: All The Pictures You Need To See
Featured image
Street Style: House of Harlow x Revolve in Southampton, NY
Celebrities React To Michelle Obama’s Powerful DNC Speech
PUT A RING ON IT: Nia & Johnny Are A Vision Of Love


Featured image
‘Divas Love Pink’ fashion show held at Petra
Cousins McKenzie Morrison and Amira Arrington have taken their passion of sewing, designing and modeling to the next level, they had their first fashion show…
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California Teen Soars High, Breaks Aviation World Record
Cooper, accompanied by a flight instructor, capped the end to his two-week journey on Monday when he landed at his home base in Compton, California.
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Chevrolet, NASCAR announce annual Diversity Scholarship Contest
  Diversity Scholarship Launched to Support STEM Education INDIANAPOLIS — Chevrolet and NASCAR announced the launch of the second annual NASCAR Chevrolet Diversity Scholarship Contest…
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East Liberty resident lands summer internship with Pittsburgh Department of City Planning
Michael Hansom, a resident of East Liberty, landed a summer internship with the Pittsburgh Department of City Planning as an American Disabilities Act Compliance Intern. Hansom…
Survey: Education Tops Election-Year Issues For Young Adults
Pittsburgh teens win national African American History competition
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Acid Reflux affects 35 percent of African Americans
Nationwide (—There is not too much worse than having that terrible dry taste in your mouth, and wondering if your significant other can smell what…
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Mass incarceration accelerating the spread of HIV among Black women
DURBAN, South Africa—Efforts to halt the spread of HIV among African Americans, the most impacted group in the United States—particularly African American women—will not be…
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HHS office of Minority Health Awards $2.8 M to help children exposed to trauma
The Office of Minority Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced new grant awards totaling approximately $2.8 million to seven organizations…
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SisterCARE Alliance fights talc powder that causes ovarian cancer in black women
SUBTITLE: Founder Anana Harris Parris making black women aware of connection between talc powder use and ovarian cancer   No one within the halls of…
A look at marijuana laws around the US and the globe
Take Charge Of Your Health Today. Be Informed. Be Involved…Medical Marijuana

Cover To Cover

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Teacher pens new children’s series full of fun, anxiety and love
Crete, Ill. (—Local author and teacher Evan Roberts of Crete, Ill, debut his new children’s book Khahari Discovers the Joy of Family recently as part…
Featured image
Cover To Cover …‘The Gilded Years’
Always be true to yourself. It sounds like a poster, a meme, or advice that’s always been in the background of your life. Putting on…
Featured image
Cover to Cover…‘We Are Charleston’
  The Word is what you crave. It’s where you find your comfort, strength, the peace you need to get through the day. Reading it…
Featured image
Cover To Cover …‘Lincoln and Kennedy’
You’re not the only kid in the world who likes ice cream. Lots of kids do; everybody loves a good treat. Other people like biking,…
‘BLACK’ addresses pain suffered by Black children
Cover to Cover…’83 Minutes’


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Black community political forum addresses issues
For the 13th year, Talk Magazine held the Pa. Black Community Network Conference and Pa. Black Community Candidates’ Forum. Black Leaders from around the state…


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Lifestyles Report…First in March
On Easter Sunday evening I went to see Disgraced, the current offering at the Pittsburgh Public Theater. Including myself there were four of us. Those…


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The Wendy Bell diversion


Featured image
Ed Hartwell left wife Keshia Knight Pulliam because she was not ‘submissive’
Former NFL baller Ed Hartwell had been looking for an exit strategy from his shotgun marriage to former “Cosby Show” star Keshia Knight Pulliam because…
Featured image
Keshia Knight Pulliam Sits Down With ‘Entertainment Tonight’ To Tell Her Side Of Divorce Drama
It seems like as each day passes, the stories of Keshia Knight Pulliam’s divorce from husband Ed Hartwell get more heartbreaking. Pulliam, as was most of the world, was shocked to learn that her husband of only 7 months had decided to serve her with divorce papers only a week after she announced that she […]
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Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes, & More Band Together To Defeat Trump During DNC
The 2016 Democratic National Convention is officially underway and kicked off Monday night with a bang, courtesy of FLOTUS Michelle Obama. Now going into day two, some well-known names in Hollywood have decided to band together to take down Republican nominee Donald Trump once and for all. Many may not want to admit it, but […]
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Mariah Carey Covers Complex Magazine, Talks Marriage, & More
2016 has been quite the busy year so far for songbird and diva extraordinaire Mariah Carey and she is gearing up for the last half of the year to be just as spectacular with her E! docuseries that is scheduled to debut this fall. The newly engaged singer covers the new issue of Complex magazine, […]
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Nastiest responses to ‘heartless’ Ed Hartwell divorcing Keshia Knight Pulliam suddenly
An avalanche of abject anger has fell upon Ed Hartwell’s sizable cranium in light that he has bounced from the marriage in a near-record seven months…
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Dr. Dre racially profiled, handcuffed after racial road rage outside his own home
How is this for being racially profiled? Dr. Dre just experienced this weird and scary event at his house. A stranger parks in front of…
In Defense Of Mo’Nique’s Open Marriage, Vows Don’t Come In One-Size-Fits-All
What?!? Ed Hartwell is divorcing Keshia Knight Pulliam, already!


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NY Student Accepted At All 8 Ivy League Schools
For the second straight year, a student from Long Island, New York's Elmont Memorial High School has been accepted at all eight Ivy League schools, according to NBC 4 New York. The student, Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna, 17, who is the class valedictorian, has until May 1 to decide whether she'll attend one of the prestigious northeastern schools