Star of a Story…Donna Davis “the High Priestess of Jazz” goes home

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Donna Davis Funeral Program photo
It was a sunny clear day on Monday Nov. 02, 2015, the day that Pittsburgh escorted the body of Donna Davis to her final resting place at Homewood Cemetery.

Donna Ann Davis, entered the Universe on May 3, 1958 and her exit from her earthly existence began on Oct. 27, 2015.  She was a piano players, player and a vocalist’s dream.

Her obituary points out that; “two decades ago, she was recognized as an asset to the musical community by being named as one of the “Women of Jazz” in Pittsburgh.  She was also a member of the esteemed Pittsburgh Jazz Hall of Fame.

Her pallbearers were, Drummers, Roger Humphries, Mike Finch, saxophonist Tony Campbell, pianist Leonard Johnson III, trumpeter and musical historian Dr. Nelson Harrison, political activist and vocalist Tim Stevens, saxophonist Kenny Blake and guitarist extraodinaire Eric Johnson.

Pallbearers Kenny Blake, Tim Stevens,  Tony Campbell, Mike Finch at Donna Davis' gravesite.

Pallbearers Kenny Blake, Tim Stevens, Tony Campbell, Mike Finch at Donna Davis’ gravesite.

Donna Davis created and maintained musical history with all of the aforementioned.

I have shared the stage with her on many occasions and for a vocalist, she was the always the consummate musical director.

She is survived by her mother Mary and all of her loyal subjects from her “Tabernacle of Music.”

Angel come to me, let me be part of all the love you are.  Angel we could fly, you and I,  ride a rainbow to the stars;  Cause you’re the star of a story I’ll always tell.  When the history of Pittsburgh Music is written, Donna Davis will require an entire chapter unto herself.

I am missing you already Donna, peace.

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