Coach Eugene Wilson brings Tiger pride back to Wilkinsburg

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At one time, Wilkinsburg was considered to be a hotbed for athletic talent.  High School legends like Donald Jay, Blaine Carter, John Bell, Rico Tyler, Walt Bowyer, Bruce Atkins, Mert Robinson, Tyrone Wilson, Skip Brown, Vance Arrington and John Ryan all began their rise in the hallway of Wilkinsburg High School.

When former Wilkinsburg star Eugene Wilson returned to the scene of his earlier basketball glory this season, he knew it was important to win on the court, off the court and in the community.

Throughout the season, coach Wilson continued his quest to reconnect the fans in Wilkinsburg with the Tigers.
“My job is as the school district parent community liaison,” said Wilson. “We want to get the stakeholders; the parents involved.”

In order to make sure his team would stay on the right track, he knew the staff had to sit down with their parents so everybody would be on the same page.

“When parents are involved in the kids’ academics, the percentage of success is raised,” Wilson said.  “There was a little apprehension at first.  Once they saw that we were serious about not only basketball but their future.  Our players have a 3.2 GPA.”

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