OVERTIME: My wish list for Santa Claus

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My wish list for Santa Claus…AKA “Smitty”

:10 Yes man! Halle Berry under the tree. Now come on, you knew I was leading off with that.

:09 J-Lo, Angelina or Angela Bassett under the tree. C’mon man, a brother gotta have a back-up plan.

:08 Peace on earth. Good will to all men …yada…yada…yada…whatever man!

:07 An NBA team in Pittsburgh. Now we’ll see what kind of juice ole Saint Nick has!

:06 Speaking of hoops, and I was, please give me five more years to drag my broke down ass up and down the basketball court. Just five more and I promise I’ll quit. Can you say Clarence Hopson?

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

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