Daily Archive: October 5, 2013



The year of the Black quarterback

MARC H. MORIAL (NNPA)—“The NFL is entering the golden age of Black quarterbacks.”—Jason McIntyre, writing in “The Big Lead” “Sports” is one of the most race-neutral meritocracies in America. From the record-shattering feats of Jesse Owens to the transcendent accomplishments of Serena and Venus Williams, there is no doubt that African-Americans can excel at the highest levels in any sport if given a chance. Historically, that chance has rarely been given to aspiring Black professional quarterbacks. For decades, the prevailing view seemed to be that while African-Americans made good runners, blockers and receivers, they did not possess the ability or intellect to be quarterback—the on-the-field CEO—of a National Football League team. At one time, a Black NFL quarterback was as unthinkable as a Black American president. But, what was once a rarity is now becoming the norm.



Here’s what Obamacare will cost you

David Smith, center, with Independence Blue Cross (IBC) discuses the opening health insurance exchange and provides information on health car reform to George Allen Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013, at IBC’s mobile education and enrollment center in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke) Last week, the White House and the US Department of Health and Human Services announced that the cost for health insurance that uninsured individuals are required to buy under the Affordable Healthcare Act would average 16 percent less than before here in Pennsylvania.