Strategize Supper: Spice up your fall!

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Elise Wims, The Diva Chef

Fall is synonymous with chilly evenings, cool crisp air, and colorful autumn leaves. For many, that brings about total chaos with back to school season in full effect. More and more families are finding it difficult to find time in their busy schedules to put healthy and delicious homemade meals on the table.


The solution is simple, by strategizing your supper, or…. cooking everything in one pot, skillet or slow cooker, you save time on prep and you make cleanup a cinch, thus…Spicing up your Fall!

After a long day’s work, there is nothing better than having a delicious and healthy meal waiting for you and your family. For the time conscience and budget friendly, the crock pot or slow cooker could very well be your secret weapon.

There is nothing complicated about crock pot cooking. All of the ingredients go into the slow cooker at one time. Doesn’t get much easier than that! You end up with smart and easy recipes for dinner, that taste great with very little clean up. It’s amazing when you get home from work and all you have to do is set the table. The meal is ready when you walk through the door. How much time will that save you?

Also, if you have kids, crock pots are fantastic because it’s all in one pot and there is no heat applied, it is a safe and fun way to let your kids learn their way around the kitchen. This is a great way to build precious memories. Now, we know that crock pots are both time and cost efficient, as well as kid friendly. But did you know that they also can be waist friendly?

Crock pots essentially steam your food. With all the ingredients in one pot, you maximize the nutrient value of your meals.

How do you get started you ask? With my Chicken and Sausage White Bean Chili recipe of course, formulated just for your crock pot! Remember, food is fun so play with the ingredients, and make it your own! Hit me up on Twitter, @EliseTDC with your culinary questions.