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People march against Greek segregation at Alabama

In this Aug. 17, 2013 photo, female students at the University of Alabama prepare to run from Bryant-Denny Stadium to their new sorority houses after receiving their bids in Tuscaloosa, Ala. (AP Photo/The Tuscaloosa News, Dusty Compton) by Jay ReevesAssociated Press Writer TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — Several hundred people marched Wednesday at the University of Alabama to oppose racial segregation among the school’s Greek-letter social organizations.



Lifestyles Report…Just plain rude

DEBBIE NORRELL A reader asked me to give my take on how rude some people have become. I emphasize some because there are still more nice people in the world than rude ones. I hope she recognizes the column when she reads it.



Ben Jealous did good work with NAACP

NAACP President Benjamin Jealous is stepping down at the end of the year. Jealous said he is resigning to spend more time with his family and to pursue other interests. “Beginning next year, I look forward to pursuing opportunities in academia to train the next generation of leaders and, of course, spending a lot more time with my young family,” said Jealous. Jealous said he also wants to start a political action committee focused on promoting Black and Latino candidates, along with progressives of all races. This is a worthy goal.



Crimes against Black humanity

JAMES CLINGMAN (NNPA)—We talk a lot about criminal justice and crime in the streets, especially among Black people. Mass incarceration of Black men, disparate sentencing, private prisons, legal slavery inside prisons based on the 13th Amendment, and all the other plagues that beset us vis-à-vis our criminal justice system and prison industrial complex, dominate our conversations. But, there is another take on crime that we often overlook or simply ignore; it’s the economic crimes we commit against ourselves. Amos Wilson posed two questions in his book, Black on Black Violence: “Does the African-American community, by continuing to permit itself to be ‘legitimately’ economically exploited by non-African American communities thereby de-legitimize itself and permit itself to be criminalized while de-criminalizing its exploiters? Has the African-American community—addicted to wasteful and nonsensical consumerism, with its unwillingness to invest its wealth and human resources in itself, in America, and uncommitted to controlling its own internal markets—contributed in no small way to the criminalization of its sons, to the increasing impoverishment of its children, to the violence which prevails within its households and neighborhoods?”



Kumite Karate Klassic celebrates 10 years

CHAMPIONS GATHER—Hall of Fame karate legend, Master Bill Viola Sr. welcomes former World Boxing Champion Michael Moorer from Monessen and special guest Chanel Smith, former Ms. Pittsburgh and now bodybuilding competitor and fitness trainer. Smith, a Duquesne University graduate, now lives in Washington, D.C. Bill Viola, Black Belt Artist and the mastermind behind the now legendary Kumite Klassic, and his father, Master Bill Viola Sr., a true karate legend and martial arts Hall of Famer, celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the program with more than 30,000 spectators.



Clergy, unions, employees march against UPMC wages

BETTER WAGES—Many Blacks take part in the protest march against UPMC for better wages. (Photo by J.L. Martello) After pushing for UPMC to have its service workers organized during the Labor Day parade, Pittsburgh United, coalition of union officials, community activists, local politicians and members of the faith community marched on UPMC again just five days later calling again for better wages.




BILL NEAL :10 This is the time to pull out all the good ole sayings. You know the ones, “When the going gets tough …the tough get going!” “Circle the wagons boys!” “Next man up!” “Champions are made when nobody’s watching!” You know all them sayings that got to be old because they’re good. Your, I am sorry, our Pittsburgh Steelers are going to need all them sayings and a couple old cans of “whup ass” opened up when the Chicago Bears come to town Sunday Night. Here’s one more for ya …hey Chicago, Not Here…Not Now …Not Today!



Church Circuit 9-18-13

Revival Series SEPT. 18—Macedonia Baptist Church of Pittsburgh, 2225 Bedford Ave., Hill District, will host its Code R.E.D.D. (Recruit, Equip, Deploy, Develop) Revival Series at 7 p.m. Every Wednesday during the month of September a special guest will bring a word to revive the spirit. This week’s guest will be Pastor Frederick Davis of First Calvary in North Carolina. For more information, call 412-281-8437 or visit http://www.macedoniapgh.org.