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Media reps support ‘The Each One Teach One’ effort

FULL PANEL DISCUSSION—From left, giving their support to the cause, were Rick Adams, Ulish Carter, Chuck Leavens, Tene Croom and Kevin Amos who are enjoying the discussion. (Courier Photo/Rossano P. Stewart) On Saturday Aug. 10, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Pittsburgh’s one and only home grown music-tech- radio conference was free to the general public. The Each One Teach One music and radio conference brought together an incredible array of musicians, arts advocates, policymakers, technologists, media representatives and industry figures to discuss issues at the intersection of music, technology, policy and law.


Cover To Cover…‘Nine Years Under’

by Terri SchlichenmeyerFor New Pittsburgh Courier Sitting around all summer would’ve been so wrong. And that’s why you found a job that year between classes. No more parental hand-outs, no more wearing clothes your mom bought you, no more borrowing the car. With your own job, you had your own money to buy your own things, maybe help out at home, or sock some away.