Daily Archive: August 29, 2013



Lifestyles Report…Black dogs need love

Did you hear the latest? A man has accused the POTUS of being racist for selecting another black dog. That’s right I said it. In a story last week in our Digital Daily, a ‘journalist’ accused President Obama of being biased for selecting yet another black dog. Patrick Howley, a conservative blogger, took POTUS to task for not having any white dogs. I say why should he? The Portuguese Water Dog does come in other colors but they are not as common as the black.



Good and bad news in Black employment stats

WILLIAM SPRIGGS by William SpriggsFor New Pittsburgh Courier The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its latest report on the job market on Aug. 2. It had some good news for African-Americans: The Black unemployment rate in July dipped to 12.6 percent, its lowest level since January 2009. The BLS also reported that since August 2012 the unemployment rate for adult Black men (those older than 20) remains below its 14.4 percent level in January 2009 and was reported at 12.5 percent in July. More importantly, the share of Black men holding jobs continues to rebound from its record low of 56.5 percent in 2011 to 59.2 percent, almost equal its level of 60.4 percent in January 2009. That was the good news.



Inside Conditions: Straight up, no chaser

AUBREY BRUCE Hey, Hey, Hey, I feel like “Fat Albert.” Well at least half of the name rings true. Why? Because I am a bit on the hefty side, even if my name isn’t “Fat Aubrey.” Last Saturday the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime, 26-20. The Steelers are 0-3 for the 2013 preseason and everyone is biting fingernails, toes, hot dogs, the family dog and anything that they can sink their teeth into. My numbers say that the overall won-loss record between the Steelers and the Chiefs is knotted at 15-15.