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The man Black history erased

In this Dec. 14, 1970 file photo, Civil rights leader Bayard Rustin is seen in New York. Months before Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” declaration galvanized a quarter-million people at the 1963 March on Washington, Rustin was planning all the essential details to keep the crowd orderly and engaged. A Quaker, and a pacifist, Rustin served as chief strategist for King’s march over the objections of some leaders, but was kept mostly in the background with some organizers considering him a liability. Notably, he was gay in an era when same-sex relations were widely reviled in American society. He died in 1987, and is sometimes forgotten in civil rights history. (AP Photo/File) by LZ Granderson (CNN) — On August 13, 1963, in a last ditch effort to derail the pending March on Washington, Strom Thurmond took the Senate floor and hurled a series of vicious, personal attacks against the man organizing the largest protest in U.S. history. Thurmond called him a Communist and a draft dodger. He brought up a previous arrest and accused him of being immoral and a pervert. The man Thurmond was attacking was not Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.