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Mo. officials back State Fair despite Obama stunt

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, right, and wife Georganne applaud the performance of The Baker Family during the Governor’s Ham Breakfast at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, Mo., Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner) by David A. LiebAssociated Press Writer SEDALIA, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri State Fair got a strong show of political support Thursday from many of the state’s top elected officials who flocked to a big-top-tent ham breakfast despite criticism of a weekend rodeo clown act that mocked President Barack Obama.



‘Bring in the Clowns’…Missouri state minstrel show clowns on Obama

One of the rodeo clowns who worked the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association show on Saturday at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia wore a false face that caricatured President Barack Obama – and was threatened with a stampede by bulls as a joke at this taxpayer-funded public event produced by state government. (AP Photo/Jameson Hsieh) The Political Eye St. Louis, Mo–“Bring in the clowns” is a wisecrack not unknown to the political area, but this Saturday at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia they really did bring in the clowns – and one of the clowns was wearing a false face that caricatured President Barack Obama. According to many reports from press and citizens in attendance, the crowd was whipped into something of a frenzy over the prospect of the President Obama rodeo clown getting trampled to death by livestock.



Free flow of racy content a headache for parents

C. Delores Tucker dedicated much of the last few years of her life to condemning sexually explicit lyrics in rap and hip-hop tracks, citing a concern that the lyrics were misogynistic and threatened the moral foundation of the African American community. by Martha IrvineAP National Writer Until this summer, few people outside the R&B music scene knew who Robin Thicke was. Then came his new song “Blurred Lines” and an unrated online video to promote it. “You the hottest b—- in this place!” Thicke sings, as topless models playfully dance around him. The video has stirred a debate, with detractors complaining that it’s too racy and degrading to women. Thicke insists he meant no offense — and the song, meanwhile, has become the No. 1 hit of the summer.



Un-united betrayal in Chicago

HARRY C. ALFORD (NNPA)—Like many American cities, Indianapolis was a venue for mass discrimination against Black owned construction businesses. I had been working since 1989 to change that. For the most part, we were very successful. The “Indy Way” was complete diversity in the labor force and in business ownership. So I guess it wasn’t made clear to United Airlines that when they chose Indianapolis as the site of their new maintenance hub they would have to show diversity in the building of this $1 billion project. Mayor William Hudnut made it clear he would not sign the deal (incentives, agreements, etc.) until there was a signed agreement by all three parties: United Airlines, the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana.