Daily Archive: August 15, 2013



More UFO sightings than voter fraud cases

BILL FLETCHER JR. (NNPA)—Prior to the 2012 elections, I found myself in a discussion with a colleague concerning Republican efforts at what has come to be known as “voter suppression.” I was informing this person, who is well educated, that voter fraud is not a problem of any significance in the USA. This individual rejected my contention, arguing that he was aware of countless examples of alleged fraud and that the efforts to make voting more difficult were justified.



Monroevile Mall offers diversity in stores

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY—Offering good food, owner of Southern Hospitality Troy Johnson aims to add variety to the Monroeville Mall Food Court. (Photos by Diane Daniels) It is not uncommon to find a barbershop, beauty parlor, restaurant, shoe store, a jeans store, a learning center or even a travel agency located within a local mall. What is unusual is that the named establishments are operating in the Monroeville Mall and are African-American owned. Success Barber Shop, Dizire Hair Boutique, Southern Hospitality, Shoe Tweak, Curvy B Jeans, Supporting Hands Learning Center and Angels with Wings Travel Agency are a part of the 180 plus stores located in the 44 year old mall.



365 Black Awards to air on BET

HONOREES GLADYS KNIGHT and BEVERLY JOHNSON McDonald’s, a sponsor of the Essence Festival in New Orleans for the past 10 years, chose the site of the annual event that brought nearly 500,000 to the crescent city Fourth of July weekend for the 10th time to present its 365 Black Awards. Honoring luminaries like R&B singer Gladys Knight and Supermodel Beverly Johnson, the awards show will air on the Black Entertainment Network Aug. 25 at 11 p.m.