Weekend Movie Update: Aniston controversial, classic and lovable in ‘We’re the Millers’

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Deception is very tricky and it’s even tricker when you take a low budget stripper, a drug dealing 30 year old, a homeless teen girl, and a nerdy naive boy and try to turn them into an all-American family. We’re the Millers tells the story of one man’s desperate attempt to repay a local businessman. In return for being robbed of $40,000 worth of marijuana, which belonged to Brad Gurdlinger (EdHelms), David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) has to retrieve a big drug shipment in Mexico and bring it back to the United States safely.



David knew the only way he could successfully complete this mission was if he poses as a happy family on vacation. First, he has to find a convincible family.  After a small search, he lucks up with a family that’s rough around edges but laced with grooming potential. His son, Kenny (Will Poulter), is really his next door neighbor who’s still a virgin and shy around women. His daughter, Casey (Emma Roberts) is really an alley-living street kid. And his wife, Rose (Jennifer Aniston), is really a stripper who needs an extra gig.

The family construction is the easiest part because once the deal goes bad, it’s up to the fictitious family to deliver the drugs and  grab their monetary cut.  

Jennifer Aniston has completely blossomed since her days as Rachel on Friends. She isn’t confined to her innocent roles anymore and she shows how flexible she is, literally, as she portrays an exotic dancer. Clearly filled with spontaneity and humor, Anniston made you believe she was a cheap stripper. In this movie, she is controversial, classic and lovable.

This movie has no filter for I’ve seen some things I’ve never even imagined. We’re The Millers is packed with dirty, sick jokes yet it warms your soul to see a fake family become a real one. We’re The Millers also plays a beautiful homage to the late, great member of TLC, Left Eye, by playing her rap verse from their 1994 hit, Waterfalls.

4 Stars: We’re the Millers is raunchy and provocative but much needed giggles from beginning to end!

Weekend Movie Update:

There’s something for all movie goers this weekend. You can make a family field trip to the movies to see Disney’s Cars spinoff, Planes. This animated movie is about a cropdusting plane, Dusty Crophopper (voiced by Dane Cook), and his yearning to be recognized as a legitimate racing airplane.   Dusty qualifies for the a national plane racing competition and has to beat all odds in order to win this race. Spinoffs and sequels are always the hardest and Planes does not quite live up to the excitement of Cars. And because it had the same sports comedy theme as Cars there were a lot of elements to compare it to. 3 Stars

From the directors of District 9, Elysium, starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, shows the world spilt between two planets; Earth is overpopulated and filled with corruption, sickness, and poverty, whereas Elysium is specifically made for wealthy occupants to rid them of Earth citizens. Max DeCosta (Matt Damon), after an extensive criminal history, uses his last five days on Earth to try to get to Elysium to heal himself after he’s exposed to enough radiation to kill him. Elysium is a rich man’s utopia draped in all life’s luxuries and equipped with a machine that heals all health ailments. Many Earth humans risks their lives for a chance to get to Elysium. Max DeCosta was no different and he now has the power to change Elysium’s entire existence. The movie was excellent. I didn’t see District 9 but I know that Elysium wasn’t a bad way to start my Neil Blomkamp journey.  I’m slowly becoming a science fiction fan. First, Pacific Rim and now, Elysium has made it ideal to think about life 50 years from now. Matt Damon is an actor of great tactical skills and class! 4 Stars

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