Daily Archive: August 2, 2013



FROGS celebrate 103 years at Wyndham Grand

THE NEWEST MEMBER—Clarence Curry, FROGS president, and Tony Thompson, the newest FROG. On July 20, at the Wyndham Grand Hotel, Pittsburgh, the FROGS celebrated their annual dinner dance. This was the 103rd dance and the program featured a picture of the first dance in 1910. No one was there that remembered that first dance, but everyone knew it must have been a good time.



Allderdice students win national Black history competition

WINNERS—Adedipupo Dina and Samir Namoro hold trophy as 100 Black Men members show their support. Adedipupo Dina and Samir Namoro made history at the 100 Black Men of America, Inc., African American History Academic Challenge Bowl. Adedipupo and Samir competed with students from 110 chapters in the national competition in New Orleans after winning the local chapter’s competition, held in partnership with Pittsburgh Public Schools, back in February.



Focus on poverty, not the middle-class

GEORGE E. CURRY (NNPA)—Several of us were sharing our views on radio Sunday night with Gary Byrd when my friend and colleague Cash Michaels urged us to remember that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated while organizing poor people. This is a good time to remember that as President Obama seeks ways to strengthen the middle class and civil rights leaders focus on celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Aug. 28, 1963 March on Washington.



No D.C. bargain for Walmart

RAYNARD JACKSON (NNPA)—Over the past few weeks, the D.C. City Council has been in the news quite a bit, though but for all the wrong reasons. They recently passed a law that would prevent thousands, yes you heard me right, thousands of jobs from being created within their city. Now mind you that D.C. is a majority Black city, with a Black mayor and near Black majority on the council, and one of the highest unemployment rates in the country (especially among Blacks). The national unemployment rate for June was 7.6 percent, but in DC the rate was 8.5 percent (almost a full point higher).



Figments of the racist imagination

LEE DANIELS Hold the presses! Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, those bad “Black militant” leaders who all these years have exercised a Svengali-like influence over the masses have lost their clout. So says Black conservative pundit John McWhorter in the July 17 The New Republic magazine. Writing at his oiliest, McWhorter begins his article by breezily asserting, “Quiet as it’s kept, the era of the ‘militant’ black leader is over” and plugs in the standard-issue conservative denunciations of Sharpton’s and Jackson’s actions of two decades ago.



Don’t let auto dealer markups take you for a ride

CHARLENE CROWELL (NNPA)—The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently issued a warning to banks, finance companies and credit unions that they will be held accountable for discrimination in auto lending. In announcing its intention to hold auto lenders accountable for illegal, discriminatory markups, CFPB also published a bulletin detailing ways lenders should incorporate practices designed to honor fair lending laws.