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Fashion Watch: Eyes on Pitchmen

John Legend Idris Elba has always had my attention but even moreso once he became a pitchman for the new Toyota Avalon. I’ve never thought so much about buying an Avalon until I saw the series of commercials featuring Elba.



Chappelle heckled at Conn. show, stops performance

Dave Chappelle, who’s suddenly everywhere again, is on the cover of the latest Prince single, Breakfast Can Wait. It’s only fitting, given that the Purple One, like Chappelle, is also known for his reclusiveness and inscrutability. (CNN Photo/File) by Dave Collins Associated Press HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – Both supporters and critics of Dave Chappelle flooded social media sites with comments Friday, after he was heckled at a show in Connecticut and refused to perform his set.



McAuley Ministries awards $1.2 Million in grants to 17 nonprofit organizations

Michelle Rone Cooper, Executive Director McAuley Ministries, the grant-making arm of Pittsburgh Mercy Health System, sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, has awarded 19 grants totaling $1.2 million to 17 nonprofit organizations. Announced today, the majority of the grants will support business development, education, services to persons who are homeless, and capacity-building initiatives in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, Uptown, and West Oakland communities.



Ira Ritter, an example of a positive Black man

THE PITTSBURGH COUNCIL OF MEN—Reggie Jackson, Ralph Robinson, Fred Parker, James Scott, Edward Charlie, Dan Brown, Lawrence Harris, David E. Moore Sr., James C.H. Williams, seated: Michael James, David Peek, Larry Victum, Ira Ritter Sr. and Don Trent (Photos by Debbie Norrell) There are ongoing discussions at many levels about the negative actions of Black men. On too many days as we watch television oft times the first two or three newscasts are about Black men. There are too many people who view these people and it confirms their belief that all of us are hoodlums, thieves, and burglars and are not trustworthy. We must never forget that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not always described as a great American. However, over the years I have been blessed to have been fortunate to meet Black men across this nation that epitomize positiveness. Some of them I have known most of my years and this week’s column is about one of them.



Nielsen: Celebrating 90 years of innovation

CHERYL PEARSON-MCNEIL Isn’t it fascinating how a person can have a single idea or dream planted, take root and change the world as we know it? Well, that’s exactly how Nielsen came to be. Last week, Nielsen celebrated its 90th Anniversary. So, I’d like to give a sincere kudos to Nielsen on such a momentous, milestone anniversary. On Aug. 24, 1923, in Chicago, a visionary engineer named Arthur C. Nielsen Sr. (also known as A.C. Nielsen) first came up with the idea of selling performance surveys. He borrowed $45,000.00 to start a business to test the quality of conveyor belts and turbine generators. With those first, simple measurements, Mr. Nielsen introduced the concept of market research. Today, 90 years later, Nielsen has evolved and grown to become a global market research company with a presence in more than 100 countriesheadquartered in New York and the Netherlands.



AG Kane announces major heroin bust In Wilkinsburg

Julian Thompson In her press announcement that 18 people had been arrested in connection with a major heroin operation in Wilkinsburg, state Attorney General Kathleen Kane said public safety is her major concern. “Last year, Wilkinsburg experienced had the highest number of homicides in Allegheny County outside the city of Pittsburgh,” she said in her statement announcing the bust. “The majority of homicides and shootings stem from ongoing feuds between crews and their attempts to control the heroin trade in Wilkinsburg.”



A look at Syria developments around the world

This citizen journalism image provided by Edlib News Network, ENN, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, shows anti-Syrian regime protesters holding a banner and Syrian revolution flags, during a demonstration in Kafr Nabil town, in Idlib province, northern Syria, Friday, Aug. 30, 2013. United Nations experts are investigating the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria as the United States and its allies prepare for the possibility of a punitive strike against President Bashar Assad’s regime, blamed by the Syrian opposition for the attack. The international aid group Doctors Without Borders says at least 355 people were killed in the Aug. 21 attack in a suburb of Damascus, the Syrian capital. (AP Photo/Edlib News Network ENN) The Associated Press The United States is considering launching a punitive strike against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, blamed by the U.S. and the Syrian opposition for an Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack in a rebel-held suburb of the Syrian capital of Damascus. Here’s a look at key Syria developments around the world Friday amid heightened tensions over potential military action: