Ace in the Hole: Bebop meets Hip Hop

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Sheneika (Pretty Nek) Duberry, Marva Josie and Alexis Cartier


In what has to be an unprecedented move in Pittsburgh, Bebop met Hip-Hop and it looks like it is a match made in Heaven.  

Brooklyn native and rising Hip-Hop star Sheneika (Pretty Nek) Duberry rolled into the Steel City to launch her new label,  ‘It’s Right Records’. Ms. Duberry has worked with Darnell Dalton, current Sony songwriter who has worked with Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown and Rihanna. Dalton produced the Pretty Nek single; “Shorty Bad.”

Sheneika (Pretty Nek) Duberry

Pretty Nek has also had singles produced by King’ ‘James who has worked with the rap star ‘Fabulous’. Why the name ‘It’s Right Records’; “I just felt that the time was right for Pittsburgh and for me to continue the tradition started in Pittsburgh in jazz music and the new tradition started in Pittsburgh by Hip-Hop superstar Wiz Khalifa.”

Being from Brooklyn my goal is to bring the Brooklyn swag and mix it with the Pittsburgh swag and ….bang.

As far as weaving the almost jazz classical form with the fiery and explosive genre of hip-hop the legendary vocalist Marva Josie (formerly with Earl “fatha” Hines) had this to say.

“It’s an unusual an unexpected collaboration but that’s what life is all about. We see many things simultaneously but view them from different perspectives. Music is all about emotions. I may not fully understand the art form of hip-hop but in music as in life everyone has to have something of their own and express it accordingly.”   

Last but certainly not least ‘Pretty Nek’ will be working with Pittsburgh native Alexis Cartier who at the tender age of fourteen is projected to be the next teen superstar according to ‘Pretty Nek’.
“Alexis is young, gorgeous and she can blow, what more can you ask for?”  To view ‘Shorty Bad’ and the remainder of ‘Pretty Nek’ videos go to:


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