Pa. law banning gay marriage to face challenge

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Details of plaintiffs in Pa. gay marriage lawsuit
The Associated Press

Details of the 23 men, women and children who are plaintiffs in the first-known legal challenge seeking to overturn a state law effectively banning same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania.

- Deb and Susan Whitewood. Bridgeville. Three children. Together for 22 years.

- Abbey and Katie Whitewood. Bridgeville. Daughters of Deb and Susan Whitewood.

- Fredia and Lynn Hurdle. Pittsburgh. One daughter. Together for 22 years.

- Edwin Hill and David Palmer. Bangor. Together for 25 years. Married in Maine in 2013.

- Heather and Katherine Poehler. Downingtown. Together for 10 years. Married in Massachusetts in 2005.

- Len Rieser and Fernando Chang-Muy. Philadelphia. One daughter. Together for 32 years.

- Dawn Plummer and Diana Polson. Pittsburgh. Two children. Together for 13 years.

- Angela Gillem and Gail Lloyd. Philadelphia. Together for 17 years.

- Helena Miller and Dara Raspberry. Philadelphia. One daughter. Together for six years. Married in Connecticut in 2010.

- Ron Gebhardtsbauer and Greg Wright. State College. Together for 19 years.

- Marla Cattermole and Julia Lobur. Harrisburg. Together for 27 years. Married in Iowa in 2009.

- Maureen Hennessey. Philadelphia. Together for 29 years until partner Mary Beth McIntyre’s death May 18, 2013.


Source: American Civil Liberties Union.


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