Daily Archive: July 3, 2013



Arts & Culture Calendar 7-3-13

Thursday 4Happy 4th of JulyFlashes of Freedom EQT Pittsburgh presents the 2013 Three Rivers Regatta featuring the “Flashes of Freedom” Fireworks Fantasia at 9:35 p.m. at Point State Park, Downtown. The fireworks display is choreographer to an eclectic arrangement of music, dedicated to honor the men and women in uniform. For more information, visit http://www.threeriversregatta.net.



Overtime 7-3-13

BILL NEAL :10 Ring…Ring…RRRRiiiinnnngggg… Yo, Smitty’s Bar and Grill you stab-em, we’ll slab-em! Who…Who…Wait, hold on, I can’t hear you. There’s a lot of noise here. Some woman and her kids crying and stuff. OK, go ahead.



Santorum named CEO of Christian film studio

This May 3 photo shows former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., speaking during the leadership forum at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Houston. (AP Photo/Steve Ueckert, file) by Sarah Skidmore AP Business WriterFormer U.S. Senator and GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum is bringing Christian films to the big screen.EchoLight Studios said June 24 that Santorum, known for his socially conservative views, has been named CEO of the Dallas-based Christian film production company. Santorum says he has always had an interest in shaping cultural messages and joined the company’s board a year ago. He believes EchoLight has the opportunity to transform the movie industry by tapping into the demand for high-quality films with a focus on “inspirational and uplifting” Christian messages.



I have found a man who loves me!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: Six months ago, I was in the process of building my house. One morning a construction worker delivered the kitchen cabinets. He accidentally ran his truck into the corner of my side porch. He agreed to fix it himself—begging me not to report the incident to his foreman. Gwendolyn, I am 65 and the man that is in love with me is 32. All my adult life I have been misused at work, by my family and people from all venues of life. Before meeting this man, I had come to the conclusion all people were cruel and unkind. But this man is perfect.–Leslie



Pittsburgh one of four cities to host SBA national event

CERTIFICATION IS IMPORTANT—Entrepreneur, Lievelyn Rhone, CEO of Geneva Pipeline and moderator of the Certifications Benefit Small Businesses panel Alexander Nichols, CEO of the Western Pennsylvania Minority Supplier Development Council enlighten participants on the significance of certification. (Photos by Diane I. Daniels) Informative, relevant and motivating is how attendees of the Pittsburgh National Small Business Week Event described the day of activities.



This Week In Black History 7-3-13

Week of July 3-9 July 3 1775—Prince Hall founds African Lodge Number One—the first Black lodge of Free Masons in the United States. Hall would become the pioneer builder of Black Masons in America. He was also a leading voice against slavery and for Black rights in the North. 1962—The first Black man permitted to play Major League Baseball, Jackie Robinson, is named to the Baseball Hall of Fame.



On race, Supreme Court is out of touch

by Jesse Jackson In its decision last Monday on affirmative action, the Supreme Court punted. It reviewed the University of Texas’ affirmative action program — in which race is admittedly “a factor of a factor of a factor” in admission, one of many factors used with a university committed to the educational benefits of a diverse student body — and said the lower court had to give it even stricter scrutiny. Or, in essence, take another, harsher look and come back next year.