Daily Archive: July 3, 2013



Out & About 7-3-13

Todd and Toni having a great time at Savoy Restaurant in the Strip are this week’s BEST DRESSED MALE AND FEMALE. This week I visited the Double Tree Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh, CJ’s in the Strip, Savoy Restaurant and Lounge in the Strip District, North Side Elks Lodge in the Hill District and Kenny’s Place in Uptown Pittsburgh. My first stop was at CJ’s in the Strip District where Sateia celebrated her birthday in grand style with family and friends, while DJ Mike “The Punisher” was on the 1’s and 2’s.



Community Calendar 7-3-13

Charity Ball JULY 6—The Shriners of Sahara Temple No. 2 and the Daughters of Isis of Sahara Court No. 9 will host its “A Royal Evening of Egyptian Excellence” 1st Annual Joint Charity Ball from 6-11 p.m. at the Syria Mosque, 1877 Shriners Way, Cheswick. The event is to raise funds for the growth and support of their charity The Sickle Cell Society Inc./Murray-Irvis Genetic Disease Center. Noble Donald Palm, illustrious potentate, and Daughter Mary Etta Johnson, illustrious commandress, will be the evening’s honorees. For more information, call Daughter Marcia Cereza at 412-371-8742 or email Imiz4u@aol.com.



Accepting racist insults without reservation

BILL FLETCHER JR. (NNPA)—I was struck when I opened the Washington Post the other day and saw the headline on a front-page story: “Poll: Area residents want Redskins to keep name.” Approximately 61 percent of area sports fans feel that the Washington Redskins should keep their name despite the fact that large numbers of Native Americans and their supporters recognize it to be a racist insult.



‘I recall having to pay a poll tax’

REP. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON (NNPA)—With its ruling on the Voting Rights Act, the Supreme Court has taken the country back to a time when racial minorities were not able to participate equitably in the voting process. The court’s decision is disgraceful to civil rights leaders and legislators who have fought to preserve equal voting rights in this country.



The Supreme Court’s true colors

LEE A. DANIELS (NNPA)—Last week, the Supreme Court’s conservative faction revealed more clearly than ever before its true colors. It showed that in the political war over America’s future it supports those who want to return to the exclusionary policies and practices of the past. That this is guiding principle of Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito is no surprise. But their contempt for using the law to right injustice and expand the franchise of democracy has never before been so nakedly displayed



Urge Congress to pass new voting rights law

A deeply divided Supreme Court ruled last Tuesday that a key provision of the landmark Voting Rights Act cannot be enforced unless Congress comes up with an up-to-date formula for deciding which states and localities still need federal monitoring. In a 5-4 vote, the justices said the law Congress must recently renewed in 2006 relies on 40-year-old data that does not reflect racial progress and changes in U.S. society.



Business Calendar 7-3-13

First Step JULY 5—The University of Pittsburgh’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence from 7:30-10 a.m. at Mervis Hall, Fifth Ave., Oakland. Attendees will learn about business structures, the marketing tools needed to attract customers, the helpful resources available and more. Registration is required. For more information, call 412-648-1542 or email iee@katz.pitt.edu.