Daily Archive: June 13, 2013



Just Sayin’…What about the economy?

ULISH CARTER I really wanted to dig into the national news as it related to President Obama and the economy, but all the rest of the media is dealing with everything but the economy which is the real problem affecting most of the people I talk to. What’s happening in the Middle East is important but how does that relate to me getting a job, getting a better job, getting a raise or promotion or being able to hang on to what I have with so many businesses either shutting down or cutting back.



Dormont detail shop treats cars and trucks with TLC

A PLEASURE TO SERVE—Antoine Stribling, left, and William Sutherland of W.V.B. Car Wash and Detail Shop take pride in cleaning and detailing vehicles. (Photos by Diane I. Daniels) To William Sutherland and Antoine Stribling, driving clean and well-groomed vehicles is not important. What does matter to them is that their customers are driving clean vehicles inside and out. For the last eight years Sutherland has been washing and detailing vehicles from 111 Capital Ave. located off West Liberty Avenue in the Dormont section of Pittsburgh. “We take our craft very serious,” said Sutherland. “When you come to W.V.B. Car Wash and Detail Shop your car becomes our car and we treat it with care.”