Urban Renewal: Code word for Urban Removal

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Please don’t say more green space. People need places to live and the city needs more tax dollars, not more greenery, such as gardens, and flowers. Don’t get me wrong some places look nice with the extra space between the houses which allows more off street parking, by giving people space for garages or just off street parking.

Whites are beginning to realize they can save, not only by the price of the homes but the cost of getting to and from work, and they are moving into Black communities. I’m seeing more and more White faces in what was once all or predominantly Black communities, while professional Blacks are running to the suburbs.

Two of the major problems in rebuilding our inner cities are keeping medium to high income Blacks in, while moving the Black on Black crime out.

The idea of teaching young people how to renovate homes is another great idea in which I will address some other time.

(Ulish Carter is the managing editor of the New Pittsburgh.)


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