Inside Conditions…Ladder of excellence, a chat with Dusty Baker

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“What strikes me as being odd was that I heard we had a big German that could hit but I had no clue that he was going to be Black. His dad was in the military and he eats German, speaks German but he acts like one of us. It’s going to take a while for African-American participation to grow. We have seen some players coming out of the Urban Youth Academies here in the U.S. I hope it doesn’t take too long because they got some boy’s out there that can play.”

Game notes: The Pirates lost the Saturday evenings game 2-0 but fans didn’t totally lose out because after the game “Kool and the Gang” showed off. They even had me semi-bouncing around though not too much because it is not proper media “etiquette” to be dancing in public, but I still dug the show.

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