Daily Archive: June 6, 2013



Specifics elusive in Nigeria’s extremist fight

Women shop in a market in Maiduguri, Nigeria, Thursday, June 6, 2013. Maiduguri is the heart of Nigeria’s Islamic insurgency. Military officials took journalists on a tour there Thursday, but largely declined to give specific answers about what’s happening in the country’s fight against the extremists. (AP Photo/Jon Gambrell) by Jon Gambrell MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) — Military commanders promised a tour of this northeast Nigeria city, the birthplace of the nation’s Islamic extremist insurgency, to show the busy streets and people selling fruits from wheelbarrows pressed right up against the road.



Cover To Cover…‘Reality Check’

You’ve been practicing your autograph. You write it with your right hand, then you try it with your left. You do it carefully, slowly, then you scribble it and that looks better. Someday, you’ll probably have to sign autographs quick so there’s no sense in making things too neat.



Common sense gun safety laws

MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN (NNPA)—“I’m learning that milestones are a very difficult thing to get through in this first year . . . Everything has become ‘after Noah’s death,’” said Jodi Sandoval through a stream of tears. Jodi lost her 14-year-old son, Noah McGuire, to gun violence in Clintonville, Ohio last July 5



WPBPA 10th Anniversary honors 10 deserving Black people

LOUIS ‘HOP’ KENDRICK On June 8 at the Bidwell Presbyterian Church, North Side from 8-11 a.m., the Western Pennsylvania Black Political Assembly will officially celebrate their 10th anniversary. They will recognize 10 people who are demonstrating by their sense of concern, caring, commitment and actions that they epitomize that which the WPBPA is founded upon. The Assembly’s co-conveners, Rev. Thomas Smith and Richard M. Adams, will present the awards.