Daily Archive: May 30, 2013



Protecting your most important asset

DAMON CARR What is your number one asset? (A) Home, (B) Car, (C) Another valuable possession (D) None of the above. The answer may surprise. Drum roll…if you guessed (D) None of the above, you guessed right. Your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income. In order to provide food, clothing, shelter, transportation and other necessities and luxuries for you and your family, you need an income to pay for it. By the way, your income is your most powerful wealth-building tool–but that’s another topic.



Harmony Club presents A Woman’s Touch

HARMONY CLUB MEMBERS—Pat Pugh Mitchell, Marlene Murphy, Cynthia McEnheimer, and Alzera Harris On May 4, at the Westwood Golf Club in West Mifflin, PA The Harmony Club of Homestead hosted their annual Dorothy Lance/Vivian Weems Annual Scholarship Luncheon with the theme “A Woman’s Touch.” Event co-chairs Bea Barnett, Kathleen Randolph, Cheryl Edmonds and Jewel Garrison thought this was the perfect theme for the afternoon. The fashions were from a Woman’s Touch (soon to reopen in Swissvale). The club consists of all women and the mayor of Homestead is a woman.