Trailer Parking: Philadelphia is ‘Out Of This World’

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Sure they shot a Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher here recently. Yeah, Viggo Mortensen was wandering around our wood shooting The Road a few years back. The Dark Knight Rises…yeah, we know.

But a futuristic, CGI-laden, sci-fi tale about survival on a dangerous alien planet…shot in Pennsylvania, AYKM? No.

When former Philadelphia natives Will Smith and M. Night Shyamalan—the star and director, respectively, of Columbia Pictures’ After Earth—needed a top-of-the-line sound stage, they didn’t go to London or Hollywood, they went home, to south Philly’s Sun Center Studios.

The story involves a general (Smith) returning from duty, traveling with his estranged son (Jayden Smith) when their spaceship is damaged and breaks up over a planet “where everything has evolved to kill humans.” Earth.

With the general badly injured, it falls to the young man to overcome his fear and recover a homing beacon so they can be rescued.

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