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I’m not racist’: Common claim after racial slurs

Michael Richards stands with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, left, after appearing on Jackson’s nationally syndicated radio show in Los Angeles on Nov. 26, 2006. Richards said on the program he did not consider himself a racist, and said he was “shattered” by the comments he made during a tirade at a Los Angeles comedy club. (AP Photo/AP TV) by Jesse Washington (AP)–It’s almost a cliche. First, someone talking about Blacks makes reference to fried chicken, watermelon, monkeys or dogs – or even uses the indefensible N-word. Then, along with the inevitable apology, comes the kicker: I’m not racist.



Survey: Teens’ enthusiasm for Facebook is waning

A view of an iPhone showing the Twitter and Facebook apps among others. A new poll finds that teens are sharing more about themselves on social media. They’re also moving increasingly to Twitter to avoid their parents and the “oversharing” that they see on Facebook. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) by Brandon Griggs (CNN) — There’s fresh evidence that American teenagers may be growing weary of Facebook.



Binge eater loses 70 pounds and keeps it off

BEFORE AND AFTER–Jacki Monaco hits the gym four or five times a week with her boyfriend, Robert Hudson. They try to make it enjoyable, she says, instead of being obsessive about it. by Jacque Wilson (CNN) — The letter Jacki Monaco wrote was fraught with emotion: “Dear food,” it began. “You have given me a reason to live, a cotton candy cloud to land on, a spaghetti pool to swim in, a sweet and sometimes sour pat on the back after long days. You have been my dearest friend and my most painful enemy. My love, my hate, my utter confusion.”



Alvarez’s two monster blasts power Pirates over Brewers 5-2

Pedro Alvarez hits a two-run shot into the right field upper deck during the second inning against the Milwaukee Brewers Saturday, May 25, 2013, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Morry Gash) by Mark Kass MILWAUKEE (AP) — Pedro Alvarez hit two home runs, Andrew McCutchen also went deep, and Jeff Locke pitched six shutout innings to lead the Pittsburgh Pirates to a 5-2 win over the Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday.