Daily Archive: May 24, 2013



Community outraged over toddler’s shooting death, Rayco declares ‘War’

RAYCO ‘WAR’ SAUNDERS (Courier Photo/William McBride) The shooting death of a 1-year-old boy at an East Hills cookout has left many in the community feeling outraged and fed up with the Black-on-Black violence. Early Tuesday evening, two females were injured and their nephew was killed when three men got out of a vehicle and opened fire into a crowd at a cookout in the 2300 block of East Hills Drive. The toddler, who has been identified as Marcus White Jr., 19 months, was taken to Children’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The two females, whose names still have not been released, were taken to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, one, 19 years old, was listed in stable condition, the second, 20 years old with gunshot wounds to the chest and back, has been listed in critical condition. The women had taken White to the cookout. “My grandson is gone and he’s not coming back,” said Camille Smith, White’s grandmother. “He was an innocent baby. It was senseless.”



Clairton residents fight to keep lone bank open

CHERYL HURT About 60 concerned Clairton residents, business owners and city officials convened for a town hall meeting on May 16 in an effort to keep the city’s only bank—a PNC located at 571 Miller Avenue—open. “We are all here because we’re devastated that PNC is closing. The only bank we have is leaving Clairton,” said Cheryl Hurt, president of the Community Economic Development Corporation of Clairton and moderator of the meeting. The bank is set to close on Aug. 16.



Fitzgerald fosters outreach to African American community

RICH FITZGERALD Saying he wants to have more open lines of communication, particularly on issues pertaining to the African-American community, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, his Chief of Staff Jennifer Liptak and County Manager William McKain joined the New Pittsburgh Courier editorial board for the first of what he said could be quarterly meetings.



Ray, Goodman & Brown bring back blue lights in basement music

SOUL MUSIC AT ITS BEST—Ray, Goodman & Brown members, not in order, Billy Brown, Kevin Owens, and Larry Winfree. (Photo by Rossano P. Stewart) Ray, Goodman & Brown fans were taken back to the time when real soul music made you look forward to “the blue light in the basement days” when the group graced the Kelly Strayhorn stage for New Horizon Theater, Inc. annual blacktie fundraising event on May 4.