Sergio Garcia will pay dearly for Tiger remarks

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Timeline of Garcia and Woods quotes

(AP) – A timeline of quotes in the verbal sparring between Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods. It dates to May 11 at The Players Championship, when Garcia was preparing to hit his second shot on the par-5 second hole and was disrupted by cheers from the gallery surrounding Woods in the trees because he took 5-wood from the bag:

MAY 11

“Well, obviously Tiger was on the left and it was my shot to hit. He moved all of the crowd that he needed to move. I waited for that. I wouldn’t say that he didn’t see that I was ready, but you do have a feel when the other guy is going to hit, and right as I was in the top of the backswing, I think he must have pulled like a 5-wood or a 3-wood and obviously everybody started screaming. So that didn’t help very much.” – Garcia during a rain delay in the third round of The Players Championship.


“Well, the marshals, they told me he already hit, so I pulled a club and was getting ready to play my shot, and then I hear his comments afterwards, and not real surprising that he’s complaining about something.” – Woods after the third round was suspended by darkness.


“That’s fine. At least I’m true to myself. I know what I’m doing, and he can do whatever he wants.” – Garcia after hearing what Woods said.


MAY 12

“I’m not going to lie, he’s not my favorite guy to play with. He’s not the nicest guy on tour.” – Garcia after the third round was completed.


“It sounds like I was the bad guy here. I was the victim. I don’t have any regrets of anything.” – Garcia, asked if he would have handled anything differently, after Woods won The Players Championship.


MAY 20

“No.” – Woods at media day for the AT&T National, when asked if he had given any thought of contacting Garcia to put their dispute behind them.


“He called me a whiner. That’s probably right. It’s also probably the first thing he’s told you guys that’s true in 15 years. I know what he is like. You guys are finding out.” – Garcia at a sponsor dinner in London.


MAY 21

“The problem is, I’m one of the guys that has to say something. A lot of people think about it, but don’t want to say anything. He can and will beat me a lot of times, but is not going to step on me. I’m not afraid of him.” – Garcia at his press conference at the BMW PGA Championship.


“We will have him round every night. We will serve fried chicken.” – Garcia at a European Tour awards dinner, asked if he planned to have dinner with Woods at the U.S. Open.


“I apologize for any offense that may have been caused by my comment on stage during The European Tour Players’ Awards dinner. I answered a question that was clearly made towards me as a joke with a silly remark, but in no way was the comment meant in a racist manner.” Garcia in a statement issued by the European Tour after the dinner.


MAY 22

“The comment that was made wasn’t silly. It was wrong, hurtful and clearly inappropriate. I’m confident that there is real regret the remark was made. The Players ended nearly two weeks ago and it’s long past time to move on and talk about golf.” – Woods on Twitter.


“I want to send an unreserved apology. I did not want to offend anyone. My answer was totally stupid and out of place.” – Garcia at his second press conference.


“It was a funny question and I wanted it to be a funny answer in reply. I started to get a sick feeling straight after the dinner and I felt so bad I thought my heart was going to come out of my body. I felt bad about it all day.” – Garcia at the press conference.




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