Daily Archive: May 16, 2013



Tonya Payne: Let me finish what I started

TONYA PAYNE Tonya Payne, who served one term as Pittsburgh’s City Council’s District 6 representative before losing her seat to R. Daniel Lavelle four years ago, said when she left office, she left some work undone. And, as they are still undone, she wants the voters to send her back to finish the job. “District 6 needs a strong voice on council who will work hard and fight hard for the things the community needs, not someone who sits there quietly and produces nothing,” she said. “These development projects he’s talking about were already in the hopper. All he had to do was show up and cut the ribbon.”



Dok Harris: District 6 deserves better

FRANCO DOK HARRIS His website, Harrisfor6.com, is little more than a shell listing his educational credentials, a general summary of his work history since his 2009 mayoral run, and a quote saying he is the best candidate in the race for Pittsburgh’s district 6 council seat.



Lavelle: I’ve earned chance to do more

R. DANIEL LAVELLE R. Daniel Lavelle didn’t have the Democratic Party endorsement when he ousted Tonya Payne from Pittsburgh’s District 6 Council seat four years ago, and he doesn’t now as he runs for another term against Payne, and Franco “Dok” Harris.



Greek police arrest 2 for racist abuse

Riot police try to stop members of Golden Dawn party to unload a vehicle with food in central Athens, on May 2. (AP Photo/ Newsbeast/ Yannis Kemmos) ATHENS, Greece (AP) – Police on Thursday arrested two Greek men on suspicion of attacking a Cameroonian national and setting fire to his coffee bar in a central Athens neighborhood that has become a flashpoint for racist violence.