Daily Archive: May 16, 2013



Arrests in New Orleans Mother’s Day parade shootings cheered

Shawn Scott, 24, a suspect in the Mother’s Day parade shooting is led out of the New Orleans 5th District Police Station, May 16, 2013 in New Orleans. (AP Photo/Matthew Hinton) by Kevin McGillNEW ORLEANS (AP) — Days after a burst of gunfire brought a chaotic and bloody end to a Mother’s Day neighborhood parade in New Orleans, news of six arrests gave an organizer of the traditional event reason to celebrate again.



Bringing sexy back to ‘Anything Goes’

KRISTOPHER THOMPSON-BOLDEN Sexy and sassy are the words that come to mind when Kristopher Thompson-Bolden describes his ensemble role as the lone Black sailor in the Roundabout Theater Company’s production of “Anything Goes,” which ran at Heinz Hall recently.



Chipaumire’s new work ‘Miriam’

NORA CHIPAUMIRE in ‘MIRIAM’ Dancer and Choreographer Nora Chipaumire was happy to be presenting her work “Miriam” at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater and the Andy Warhol Museum of Art for the second time. “I have a relationship with Janera and she believes in the work I showed Miriam at the Kelly Strayhorn two years ago. There’s something in Pittsburgh that is accommodating to my work,” said Chipaumire, a die-hard Ben Rothlisberger fan who was born in Zimbabwe and based in New York. “I’ve had a relationship with Pittsburgh that I am very protective of and I have a great affection for the audience that supports ‘Miriam,’” she continued.



Readers taken on ‘Immortal’ Journey

VALJEANNE JEFFERIES Beautiful and transforming are the words that first come to her mind when author Valjeanne Jefferies describes what excites her about the craft of writing. “It allows you to change the circumstances around you. If you can envision a world that’s better than you live in, you can create an imaginative environment and fill it with extraordinary people,” explained Jefferies who currently resides in Alabama and is a graduate of Spelman College and North Carolina Central University. That’s the exact formula Jefferies implemented when she wrote the science fiction/fantasy Immortal series of books. The series includes “Immortal”, “Immortal II: The Time of Legend” and “Immortal III: Stealer of the Souls.”



Letter To The Editor…Peduto’s been the champion for our community

Dear Editor: If we had believed all the horrid, negative TV ads put out by right wing media advertisers against President Obama last year, he would not have been re-elected. Fortunately we saw through the false rhetoric. We now have Republican media operatives working against Bill Peduto to manipulate the minds of African-American voters. Disappointingly, some African-American voters are blindly drinking the poisoned Kool Aid fed through TV and mailings, believing the falsehoods that Peduto did not support Homewood and the Hill District. Seriously folks? Have we forgotten the lessons we learned just last year about ads? They can be purchased lies. The statements about Bill indeed have been lies.



The destruction of the Black family

Raynard Jackson (NNPA)—I have travelled all over the world and have spent many years of my life studying the history of the world and can’t recall any instance of a surviving civilization without an intact family structure—mother, father, and children. I fully understand that the march towards modernity waits for no one. In communications, we went from teletype to telephones; from newspapers to radio; from radio to TV; from TV to mobile devices.