Daily Archive: April 18, 2013



#HipHop The voice of the revolution and the spirit of resistance

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS–More than just rapping, these activists are making a difference, their influence is spreading and it is sneaking up on American society. Clockwise from left: AK-47, Brother Ali, Immortal Technique, Jasiri X, Rod Starz of Rebel Diaz and Truth Universal. by Ashahed M. Muhammad (FinalCall.com) – Milwaukee, Wisconsin is probably not the first place you think of when mentioning places you would expect to see a vibrant Hip-Hop scene.



Is it 'terrorism'? Anatomy of a very murky word

INCONCEIVABLE HORROR- In this Sept. 11, 2001 file photo, two women embrace each other as they watch the World Trade Center burn following a terrorist attack on the twin skyscrapers in New York. (AP Photo/Ernesto Mora) by Jessie Washington AP National Writer The word is almost a cold comfort in post-9/11 America — a way to describe the inconceivable, to somehow explain the twisted urge to commit mass murder. So when the bombs exploded in Boston, the word quickly became inescapable: “terrorism.”



Trailer Parking…Black Panther in Avengers 2?

THE AVENGERS (Marvel Photo) by Christian Morrow Courier Staff Writer If you were trawling the Twitterverse last week—and you were on your toes– you may have seen the since deleted tweet Morris Chestnut posted saying “It’s time to get familiar with the Black Panther character.”