Daily Archive: March 18, 2013



Prince delivers funk-filled finale at SXSW

GRAND FINALE–This Fall 2012 photo shows musician Prince performing at a concert in Chicago. (AP Photo/Rogers and Cowan) by Paul J. Weber Associated Press Writer AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — How did Prince close out South by Southwest Music Festival’s weeklong showcase of rock n’ roll? By naturally throwing a totally different kind of party: a grooving, brass band-backed funk fest that stretched to 3 a.m. and outlasted many fans lucky enough to get inside the exclusive show that also featured A Tribe Called Quest.



New pope brings hope for an era of outreach

by Donna Brazile (CNN) — “I hope you haven’t made a mistake,” Pope Francis told the cardinals at his celebratory dinner after he was chosen to lead the Catholic Church. He then urged the assembled hierarchy to nourish their bodies, and said with a grin, “May God forgive you for what you’ve done.”