Daily Archive: December 28, 2012



Powerful words spoken by conscientious Blacks

The following quotes are a Christmas gift to all of the readers: 1. My Daddy, Milton Kendrick Sr.: “Can’t is never acceptable in your vocabulary or lifestyle.” 2. W.E.B. Dubois: “The American negro demands political, industrial and social equality.”


The year in review

(NNPA)—Again this year, African-Americans placed higher priorities on participation in politics than the pursuit of capitalistic and business development initiatives to improve their economic conditions. Their primary motivation is to use “the vote” to get what they want and need. In 2012, Blacks continued to display dysfunctional political behavior. Instead of seeking and supporting candidates and platforms to improve the financial status and wealth-building through private and public sector programs, the following abhorrent political behavior occurred among African-Americans.


It’s time to protect children against gun violence

(NNPA)—Over the past few days we’ve all learned a bit more about 20 beautiful 6- and 7-year-olds who each seem as if they could have been any of our children or grandchildren. Jessica asked Santa for new cowgirl boots for Christmas. Daniel’s family said he “earned” all the ripped knees on his jeans. James liked to remind people that he was six and three-quarters. Grace loved playing dress-up and with her dog Puddin.’


‘It’s Complicated’

When you think about your future, you can see yourself clearly. You’ll have a great place to live, filled with all the things you love. You’ll work a job you enjoy, maybe travel a little, and spend time with family. One day, you’ll even retire somewhere warm.


Fashion shows to spotlight mentoring

A menswear runway fashion show will set the tone for Pittsburgh fashion shows in 2013 while spotlighting a successful mentoring program that has been serving hundreds of youth in need since 2003. HIM will take place Sunday, Jan. 13 at 3 p.m. at Diesel Club Lounge on the South Side and will feature special music, a cookie buffet, and chic raffle items. It is conceived and produced by Pittsburgh fashion icon LaMont Jones, an award-winning fashion critic, consultant, and stylist.


I can’t decide who will get a gift!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I am 38 years old and my money is funny. This is the problem: I have six women friends—all on an intimate scale. I don’t know which one to give a Christmas gift. I am seriously thinking of quitting all of them and rekindle after Christmas. Well, let me correct that. I need to not rekindle until after Valentine’s Day. I hate to give one a gift and not the other five. I know that is not right, but I cannot afford to make all of my old ladies happy.