Daily Archive: December 14, 2012


Word and number game played in fiscal showdown

(NNPA)—It should be embarrassing enough that President Obama and House Republicans postponed making tough fiscal decisions by kicking the can down the road to New Year’s Day—when certain automatic budget cuts will go into effect unless they act to avoid what is called a fiscal cliff. Instead of moving quickly to solve their self-created problems, both sides continue to misrepresent basic facts.



Is our solution the rebirth of Western Pa. Black Political Party?

In 2003 a mock funeral service was held at Freedom Corner and a casket that represented the established fact that we as Black voters would no longer allow the Democratic Party to totally disrespect that most loyal-to-a-fault bloc of voters. Here we are in the year of 2012 and it is a proven fact that the funeral in 2003 was truly a mockery because the party has less respect for Black voters than ever before. As the mayor’s race moves into high gear I will highlight the many acts of total disrespect.


Republicans are driving in wrong direction

(NNPA)—I am constantly amazed by the lack of any meaningful, insightful post-election analysis on the various media outlets (radio, TV, newspapers). You would think that everyone is hanging out at the same places because all the analysis seems to be the same: “Republicans have to find a way to garner more of the Hispanic vote.”


‘The Lost Christmas Gift’

This Christmas, you’ll find lots of surprises beneath your tree. Some of them, of course, will arrive from Santa. Others will come in the mail from Grandma or a favorite aunt who lives far away. Then there are the beribboned packages that somehow manage to sneak under the tree, courtesy of someone special.


Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre announces 10th season

Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre marks its first decade with a season of plays highlighting the genesis and mission of this groundbreaking theater company. Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company is committed to developing and showcasing the works of local playwrights; to nurture a racially and culturally diverse community of playwrights, directors, staff, actors and technical specialists to hone their craft and to network creative opportunities who, together, promote audiences that reflect the rich variety of our Pittsburgh community.


My boyfriend has an illegal profession!

(NNPA—Dear Gwendolyn: I have gone with my boyfriend for 22 years. For the past 10 years, he has introduced me to a lifestyle of which I was not accustomed. This is the current situation: We have not lived together, but we did stay the weekends at his apartment or either at my apartment. I am getting ready to move back home and care for my elderly mother. According to my boyfriend, he insists he will not spend his weekends alone, and says he never intends to visit me at the home of my mother.



How to avoid debt while Christmas shopping this year

Can you believe it’s the month of December already? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Retailers are open extended hours seeking to claim the money in your wallet. Every charitable organization known to man is soliciting you for money. Friends and family are dropping hints about certain gifts that they would enjoy this year. People in the office are asking you to chip in on a gift for the boss. Your church is passing around an extra offering plate for a present for the Pastor.



Opportunity and diversity one industry at a time

(NNPA)—There is a missing component to the national discussion concerning how to strengthen and rebuild the American economy. It is true that high unemployment, a weak national infrastructure, the need for stronger public education, the concentration of wealth and the deficit are all challenges to the nation’s economy but being left out of the discussion is the continued economic marginalization of racial and ethnic minorities.