Daily Archive: December 7, 2012


Obama’s 2nd inaugural seems almost an afterthought

by Nedra Pickler WASHINGTON (AP) — Four years ago, Barack Obama’s swearing-in drew a record crowd to the National Mall. There were 1.8 million people eager to witness history: the country’s first Black president taking the oath of office. VIEWING STAND– This Nov. 28, 2012 file photo shows construction continuing on Capitol Hill in Washington, on the viewing stand for President Barack Obama’s January’s Inauguration Day ceremonies. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File) Now, as Obama prepares for his second-term kickoff, the capital is pre-occupied with a looming economic crisis, exit from war and a reshuffling in Congress. Ticket demand is lower. Hotels are far from booked. And from Capitol Hill to the White House, the upcoming festivities seem to be barely on anyone’s radar.


Haysbert to replace Michael Clarke Duncan in ‘Sin City’ sequel

by Breeanna Hare (CNN) — The “Sin City” sequel is working to bring “24’s” Dennis Haysbert aboard as the lethal character Manute, according to the Hollywood Reporter. DENNIS HAYSBERT (CNN Photo) Directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller, the latter of whom created the “Sin City” comics, knew they couldn’t bring the story of “A Dame to Kill For” to the big screen without that character. The role was previously portrayed to warm reception by Michael Clarke Duncan in 2005’s “Sin City,” but the actor sadly passed away in September at the age of 54.


Morgan James shows old soul on Nina Simone tribute

by John Carucci NEW YORK (AP) — Covering the music of the late Nina Simone seemed like a natural choice for Morgan James. From an early age, the Broadway actress says she’s had an old soul that felt a connection to the legendary singer. Her first solo album, “Morgan James Live: A Celebration of Nina Simone,” captures James live at the New York jazz club Dizzy’s paying tribute to Simone. TRIBUTE TO NINA–This Nov. 26, 2012 photo shows singer Morgan James in New York. James’ first solo album, “Morgan James Live: A Celebration of Nina Simone,” captures James live at the New York jazz club Dizzy’s paying tribute to Nina Simone. (AP Photo/John Carucci)


Brubeck: Jazz master with big heart

by Gene Seymour (CNN) — Jazz fans, as with their counterparts in rock ‘n’ roll, tend to enthralled with the outlaws, renegades and mystics in their artistic realm. The further “out” jazz musicians or composers are in their personal lives, goes the myth, the more visionary and transcendent their output. Who creates great, or even good art by playing it safe? FINAL NEWPORT APPEARANCE–In this Aug. 8, 2010 photo, composer Dave Brubeck plays at his last appearance at the Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, R.I. Brubeck died in Connecticut Wednesday morning, Dec. 5, of heart failure after being stricken while on his way to a cardiology appointment with his son Darius. Brubeck would have turned 92 on Thursday, Dec. 6 (AP Photo/Joe Giblin, File)