Daily Archive: December 5, 2012


Teachers refocus education reform

According to Communities for Teaching Excellence, “teachers have a bigger impact on student achievement than any other in-school factor.” Statements like these have led many districts to include “teacher effectiveness” initiatives in their education reform efforts and have left many teachers locally and around the country feeling like they’re under attack. JAQUAYLA MILLS PPS Parent



73 of 91 homicides Black lives…Monthly numbers ­continue to decrease

As 2012 comes to a close, the homicides in Allegheny County have again declined for yet another month. It has been since August that monthly homicide numbers have been in the double digits. Since then, September and October both had seven and November had five. And amongst those five, three of the individuals were Black. This has been the lowest number of Black homicides in a month since March and April.


The right-wing witch hunt against Susan Rice

(NNPA)—Media Matters, the media monitoring group, has published a report titled, “Myths And Facts About The Right-Wing Witch Hunt Against Susan Rice.” It is a point-by-point rebuttal of some of the most flagrant lies being used about United Nations Ambassador Susan E. Rice, President Obama’s leading candidate to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.


Quality of Life Survey:?Blacks, Whites differ

A newly released quality of life survey, the largest regional study done in nearly a century, has discovered both striking similarities and differences in how African- Americans and Whites feel about living here. Covering topics ranging from employment and mass transit to public safety and Marcellus Shale development, PittsburghTODAY’s Quality of Life Survey asked 2,200 people in the greater western Pennsylvania region 120 questions covering 10 areas of study. It has also compiled an identical data set for Pittsburgh.